1. met the lap top im using belongs to my daughter but i use it for speed, im not locked out on my fone but i cant log in via the lap top, help!!!!!!

    Good day jmg, met, jmg crew, bloggers, peepers an all, bless up!!!

      1. i have been doing dat for nearly three days, u gave me a new password but that went to the fone not the laptop. the laptop is where its telling me about the site administrator, and security reasons.

        It look like problemchild luv baitup kartel, first him say, if i heard right, him a prophet, den him say, kartel ah mind reader….in the end it proves he had complete disdain for kartel!!!

  2. I am bothered by how relax diss demon is about taking somebody mother life fi zwo piece a iron!


    1. Well, sometimes in anger we will say “I’m :nerd gonna kill such an such, but do we really go and do that? Of course not, thats where the grey matter takes over!!!!

      HEY @ phantom!!!! Phantom u right, his a cold blooded demon!!

  3. Good Afternoon Met & metters.
    Now, are these the words of an entertainer or a full-fledged gangster? I’ll definitely choose the latter. May u rot in prison Kartel.

  4. very chilling just watching the video and seeing the blood drain on the wall, much less that being the room that the detective said he smelled the stench of a dead animal….just sad beyond words…

  5. Digicel and lime need fi dig up more video and pics weh dem a hide and release it to the public, set of ole demons dem.

  6. Met I dunno if my glasses nah pick up good…

    But to me dat look like blood on the floor, and a door (or cabinet doors) wid holes in it (made from the pick axe I guess..) and blood on said white doors. :nerd :nerd

    That’s enough for me. I think I’m thoroughly disgusted by the whole thing now. Kill di yute like dat fi wha? Fcukry? kmrct. Yowwwww……

    *walks away*

  7. I don’t see any blood on the walls, that seems like some picture from a magazine because walls shouldn’t have a glare from the camera phone dem using, I don’t see blood on the ax but old rust so I don’t see anything that sends any alarm but someone besides kartel holding a ax and showing it off and some other skinny guy walking around and what type of house is that because it doesn’t seem to be lived in, it’s just too much to bare just sad for all parties and females being invloved in this mess too, that’s too much…

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