0 thoughts on “TWINNY WHATS THE ”GREY AREA”?

  1. Natalie wat a way u know who match from who no match an who fit who the girl know say u talk bout she an ar Man U too mix up Natalie u fe stop? Natalie when u ago stop party Natalie from u leave the hospital u don with god me sorry fe u dancehall every night an mix up a daytime no time fe u kids . Can u kids spell them name .natalie this is ur job for the day listen to me people sleep wake after a long night of party the kids get them self ready for school bus come she go back to sleep she wake bus come .then now she carry the little go beg food a the restaurant them pon white plain rd met the little gal all a tell u fe go suck u moma an cuss some bad words an Natalie a laught Natalie look into u life an stop chat people

    1. Dat liad, thiefing, wutliss gal name Na….e, sick weh day an call fi di Lord from she get betta she gone right back into di party dem. Dis ya ole roach weh di whole a dancehall man dem f**k out from di 80’s and 90’s fi gwaan go sit down now. All weh u go thru a sleep pon floor wid u pickney. YOU NUH WAAN BETTA IN LIFE, LIAD GAL!!!!! Even fi u kids.

  2. Natalie need to stop all in a gold star she a beg food f**king cheap an good dine me hear the people. Them talk she all a carry dancehall food go give ar Pinckney them home an ar mother can’t touch it she will kill ar moma fe food

  3. List Shawna cant wear any other clothes except tights her ass is ill proportioned she Od’d when she did it so she might need a make over, but not have the money tings tight every where. Maybe like how a superbowl she can sell some thing and mek a money.

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