So me inna di people dem round robin last night and a bare dance bouncing going on with the mad Gt gal Michelle weh mash up Chyna career, so she never do a better ting dan bounce pon di Ramping Plaza and dem pop fight and bokkle get broke, shoes get fling off and party get mass up. Eva Burns seh him ban Michelle for 6 month from di club and look how she come back fi mash up di place again. All a dem ole gal fi tek a seat mek some young gal buss di place.


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  1. I wonder if is because Michelle did win di unfair “lick-mi-from-behind-when-mi-naw-look” fight wid China mek she a walk round ina people dance like Rambo. Someone please come talk what she and the shop aka plaza aka arcade have please. Was it worth the fight. Who get lick. Who win. Witnesses only please. Thanks.

    1. But Cita yuh nuh si seh di two ah dem look big ah trang like 2 Amazonian women. I can ungle imagine the damage dem cause inna the people dem building, all insurance adjuster haffe call een fe estimate damages tuh raas :cd

  2. Hi Cita! :peluk

    1. Suh senda, ah who win di brawl?

    2. Videoman, if ya read dis, please submit any and all video clippings to Metty @ [email protected]< ( ah hit dat Metty?)

    3. Did Chyna runeen fe dasheen ah piece ah retribution beaten weh Micheen een gi ar from las time?

    4. Was Chyna even there?

    5. Did Michelle tear off Ramping District clothes?? Uuhhmmm, scratch that dumb asssss question cause ramping district don't wear clothes.
    6. Senda come talk tuh wi..more details ma'am :coffee:

  3. Was this really a fight or a scuffle with cussing? cau all I saw was the Plaza running away with a bottle in her hand and Michelle a fight people to get at the Plaza. If you have a bottle in your hand why you moving away from the girl and not towards her? Michelle looked like a possessed person, she would have whooped that Plaza’s ass lol All a dem have no behavior, it was the girls first party/round robin and dem bring dem animalism to the girls party, I would really love dem demolish di Plaza cau she is just a menace to society. Big woman like that, a grandmother too acting like a wild beast over dancing? and they at a party, that make sense. Club owners and promoters need to start ban these people for life if them continue to act this way, dont let dem in da building, str8 people come out to support and enjoy themselves and people like Michelle who dont have nothing bout har a walk an a fight, why she no go join WWF and go fight for some money cau she always look bruk and hungry

      1. They were one dropping to win $200 and dem was bouncing each other just like weh did happen when she was about to fight China, and all I know is di crowd start disperse (slowing)lol and me see Romping Plaza a move towards di bathroom, den me hear seh a bottle she did a try bruk kmt but di way di gal michelle did look wid har eye dem pop out and a walk up and down like one zoombie I feel she would have tear dat Plaza to peices

          1. the bar is next to the bathroom, but she pick up di bottle before she go towards di bathroon thats what puzzles me, why she never just use di bottle if she pick it up, why she walk wid it away from di girl? Unless I saw wrong so someone run eeen and confirm what really happen

          2. Michelle mi really don’t think it right fi u go a people party and fight , if u and di people dem nuh gree please low dem out. U will find uself ina prison fi nothing

          3. Met just read. An dont make no comment. You make me a dead.. met say if the bar inna the bathroom. :ngacir2 :ngakak :ngakak

  4. Michelle a mad them mad you why you acting like that girl go check yourself cause you no better an how you an romping pot catch up any how this one puzzle me

  5. Met Michelle get cut by her neck , but because the precinct warn her Michelle about any more fight she tek off . Listen met Michelle wos acting up pon the slim girl & ramping shop asked her what happen she Michelle said everything good & as plaza walked off Michelle slap plza under her throat & go sit down like everything normal them ramping broke the bottle & stab her by the neck . Same so it go when Michelle a slap ramping she say hold this u a china friend .

    1. anonymous talk di trute den michelle really seh “hold this u a china friend”? caw dat deh pawt nuh soun rite wat wud be di perpuss

  6. Met Michelle is a mad woman don’t need to be out amongst society . Somebody ago fixed her business for 2014 u can’t a walk a mash up ppl party .

  7. Y Romping Nursing Home n her geriatric opponent don’t retire it getting from bad 2 worse man dem fe stop war inna dance!!!


  9. Shop link u can’t go a jail. A gal lick u cut them back a what them here bout. Me know nobody na make anybody lick them like that and get away with

    1. it luk like yuh n di ppl dem weh get put pon ere n yuh is big frenz n dat is fine but di onli ting mi wah yuh ask plaza is hef a cold feet she get why she run to di baatroom fuss n tel har seh stabbin in di neck is attempted murdah oooooooooo

      1. Tank you observer cau I dont know weh dem get dem info from. It nuh matter who hit who first, from uno a fight wid hand and a weapon and blood get drawn a automatic charge dat. According to the law if 2 people a fight and no damage was made to each party no gets arrested. but from visible damage e.g. bruise, swelling, cut, scrape is done then that is assult. So Ramping Plaza will get charge if the girl really get cut. But I was there saw Michelle a gwan mad after Plaze retreat and I saw no blood, she did not look like she got cut, I saw when she left the building and no blood so she coulda go cut harself before she reach di precient I dont put it pass her she is a f**king crazy horse

  10. Morning Metsy, happy Friday to you and the rest of the crew.

    I can’t believe to baxide, this big ole grey tone, strong back woman like the ramping compound in a dance a one drop and then a pop fight and stab in a neck…Michelle smaddi gwine gi yuh wah yuh a look fah…as matter of fact it look like yuh get it last night. Look how yuh coulda lose yuh life over fuxxery. Unno wutliss and cayliss no she dog. Romping compound the fame and hype and acceptance yuh looking for in dance hall yuh nah go get it…dat boat dun pass yuh already. Go siddung and have some class and dignity.

  11. there comes a time in your life when you just have to hang shit up. Bwoy mi a tell yuh just looking at both of them you can see MENTAL ILLNESS a beat them. Dancehall is not the psychiatrist go seek help folks. Every minute them and people fall out. Smh it f**k up for the promoter still cause sometimes them use them last to keep their dance.

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