I went to KPH to visit a friend and thankfully the patient was discharged. Upon going down the stairs ,we heard two females raising their voices from below to the right. Met from the sound of it what you think happen? ?You want see a two baby mothers buck up during visiting hours.

BM x was telling BM y that a she must deal with “it” and a she Julius would want to handle it.Of course BM y wasn’t having it so she rail up and demand answers as to why Ceaser prefer her rival!BELIEVE Me Met the lady respond sey a because she gave Julius him First set a twins!! The other lady sey so my two girls nuh count???

Met the lady sey yea but them is not twin boys!I was pushing mi fren in the wheelchair and just as we draw closer and me start video them..BM y gently tell the next one to come inside and mek dem discuss it.Them cut them eyes at we and left. What I wondering is really how much set a twins Julius have so and does twins give one advantage over the other fi true true??

2 thoughts on “TWINS GIVE MORE STATUS?

  1. The 2 a them should a claat you with sumn bout you try to video. These smart phones have everyone believing that them is videographer and photographer sometimes unnu fi make people live man.

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