F**ky f**ky dun out Kym Bella weh use to Fava precious, big and tan bad nuh bl****at. But bcuz u nyam dung d weight loss pill dem and loose little weight u start hype pon all a u frenzy dem. U walk and chat all a u French dem u dun dem baaad. Sanni, Kimmie, angel, Evry Goodaz, Barry, shelly sade u name it. You fie stop it whoring,hungry gyal. U nuh member d ppl dem use to feed you big fat stay bad gal. U walk and suck hood and suck p**y like chichi. Dun to u Madda u chat like dwaaag.

U pay u landlord weh u did live him money u owe fie Rent $7000 yet??? Bcuz u miss d eviction by a inch Johncrow, badmind kim.

Everybody hate pon u and u Brule and hungry nuh p**y f*k thank God fie u so call frenny dem. You chat dem and dem chat you. A up a you favourite hairshop me go get u file up a Shelly and u chat Shelly how Shelly run gaun breed fie d boy and she and har ugly momma hungry. Only when u want dolled up in and shelly a Fren and when u have money u go else where. U nuh real u fake as f**k….bougus. sidding and analyse uself girl u too BBC hype u fie bill cuz u French dem say d man dem say u pussy tink and u body soft like new born baby.

So how u and u madda in a the same dress thou??? D pic a show in a d hairs hope.

Den u seh u a goodaz and u ting up, den tell me summn, u still a f**k and Naah get nuttn…..dwrcl u Noah stop mine man little girl. U a 28 now me think u change

14 thoughts on “TWINS IN SIN

  1. Sender learn how to spell. I read this three times and it hurt my head. What did Kym do to you? You sound hurt and upset. Why you don’t run in and tell her yourself what your problem is? Smh

  2. Me understand everything weh d sender a say a so dah gal deh tan hype baaaad and she not even look attractive a who a fool har. U face nuh look bad but u body want a make over

  3. A so she tan fie true love chat har Fren dem. Me in a nail shop a ready down a so for real and hear she a dun har Fren and when me look a the same girl bring food come give har. U want poison big shapebad gal



  5. Oh gosh u can see the seder clearly dont like her. I know this girl and the person the sender is describing is not the person i know. Even if she and her mother wearing the same frock so what its her mother. The sender is foolish and because she can obviously pay her rent if she missed it by an inch as u say.

  6. Sender u want a rass lick. U know me see she post di 2 dress pon di bed and a wonder wah she a talk bout. Sender it is NOT the same dress. And even if it was a di gal mumma. A bet u a u fren dem clothes u wear. Im all for a good mix up but this is just pure frigry. Come tell we the real story

  7. daughter wear dress first dem bring it a Tailor and cut it and d momma wear it a week and a half later. Ask kym who she text in a har phone bout the cutting a d dress fie d madda wear it go a har dance???
    Kim d saw u hype u should a buy mommy a brand new dress. Full time u must stop dash out u frownzy pussy fie nuttn. You dweet all year round. You account always in a negative figure. Never can pay u bills dem and always a hype….bill b

  8. Lowe life sender nuh draw me out a pussyclaat and come have me pon a bad day. When u a get and give u met get d bloodclaaat FACTS str8. U got my name wrong it’s not EVRY go do u research. Kim is my Fren and she never tell me my eye red so how my name come innnnnnn.

    Unuh idle baaaad, where and when unuh nuh get time fie dis and a money preements time now

    Here me out nonentities zone me out brethen and rest off a kim and Annette name man. Me nuh beg fren from ppl eeh nuh so unuh don’t call me name I yah.

    I haven’t seen kim in years but we hail every now and again pon social media so how unuh come fie draw we up in a met……nooooo sah, nuh do that.

    One bomboclaaaat thing me a tell unuh walk far from Kim cuz if unuh touch a strawn a hair pon har everybody and dem mumma a dead ( wid bare badness back a dat) UNUH go suck out UNUH madda and leave me quenger Fren alone

  9. Sender u wicked an bad doe di girl post di 2dress dem last night an so what if she wear har madda clothes….me know kym very good di fuky fuky part mi nuh know bout kym feisty bad an mi deh dance every night an nuh hear nuh bagga man a call up har name dem always a ask who is she cause sometimes she come out sometimes she dont, sender stop call shelly name if a nuh shelly do kym hair she put on har lace wig dem u too awful man seet clear u just hate di girl mi know kym have har man a Jamaica so stop spread rumors pon di girl if she want fuk fi free is her pussy dat gyal eva have har money so dont know bout di bruk part either bwoy ppl wicked

  10. Wat kind of friends u guys are, stop hate my cuz thru she naah beg u guys nothing and tru she pretty than u a baay. A bet who send these dont have a good job or a ppl man enuh a tek cause if u did u wouldnt have time to type this. Plus who send this need to go back a high school cause the grammer is terrible man. Mouth dirty come like a shit house. Go look a man and stop call up my cuz name.

  11. She a full time lesbo think nuh body nuh know An yes she act like she too good fi give likes Pon ya page from her head swell ah only namebrand ppl she pay attention to dats why nuff ppl delete her she think she nice ah fren ah mine say when she did bigger she was humble now she on the girl page if years An not one like mi fren say she comments on her ting like up pic but she say block delete har to pussyfoot

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