1. They look like 20 and none of them look better than the other. Stacy almost looks as if she is wearing prisoner’s overall . Good morning

      1. Pie pie go een Met u too bad pie pie wid the belt
        Prisoner standard size overalls cause it don’t fit good n dem boots r darn ugly fi true

  1. MNeck Stacy Gweh Munchie a beat har bad. She still a hate pon Muchie fi di Haitian weh look like something weh ago a Hawaii. Whats up with his shoes and shirt . Muchie well comfy wid har look good man weh no stop love har up and nah hide from har. you no see how di Haitian look uncomfortable when him stand up wid Stacy. But coo pan har to like she a hot gal bout “Bye boots” she fi memba seh when dem a haul een di Haitian fi Scam she will be joinig him too.

  2. Stacy lol keep the boots and send whey the man lol! You so playd out its a shame. Keep the boots dem fit u! If you pay $200 fi dem mussi wit the the credit card and u waste the people money. This 2 much bye!!! Lol

  3. did yall see how bad stacy use to look before the mon. She no use to nuthin one time she did talk bout Armani exchange dress. So frighten, she should just save all her money and get her teeth fix and stomach staple.

  4. But wats di odd of u n u ex matey..biggest enemy show up ina di same boots to di same dance? ? Shows dem have di same taste ina shoes n man lol

  5. I know i wear those darn boots better than that trifling hoe , I’m super confident in mines on like you , you try to put on a show for us all but we all see right through you bitch , stop going around stalking your aids victim man and then you can step to me you is a looney and you saw me in the mall buying my shit and you then went and copy me lol you are a sad bitch just like your nasty hole sad sad sad get off my name And I just flush you bitch , keep talking you know what’s moving next I been owe you a proper beat down , I also just shit on you

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