Scammer Alert from Ocho Rios Jamaica Please if anyone knows of this guy Jamie Smiths if this is his really name or of his whereabouts please comment below? he is meant to live in Ocho Rios and also work along side one of the 5 stars hotel’s in Ocho he claims that he owns a Taurus boat and a few jet skis which I’ve never seen apart from a Fisher man boat. when i met Jamie on the beach he seemed like really nice guy until i left to come to back to England, the first thing he told me was that he loved me and wanted to marry me then he started to asking me for big money thee was always something going wrong in his life. I just need to find out who this guy really is?
he also told me that he had to change his name because he had the same name as a local criminal. but also told me that he was a Sparta originally from Montego bay


  1. Anytime people start telling you about their money problems run for the hills because sooner or later they’re going to want you to intervene and save the day. I would even go as far to suggest to cut out all ties with a person in Jamaica once you reach back overseas if you feel that this person is going to keep you going to western union 24/7 don’t make these people use you.

  2. whats with theese stupid ass people living in the diaspora? it seems like some of y’all need to switch places with some of the people in jamaica because it seems to me that they got way better senses than y’all.

    1. You soon dem come chat bout Jamaica this and that when THEY are the damn problem.

      Not even the stray mongrel dem would stand up long enough fi mek da boui yah pet dem.

      Senda you should shame fi mek the world know you a desperate being. Btw, yah man or woman? If we no sure bout genda we certain say yu ambition nah click.

  3. Any women weh mek a boy like this here chat up in them face. Well you deserve to get scammed. you come from England where are a lot of different races with gOod looking people and all kind of good position to uplift you. Cause it’s clear your lower than gravel. YOU ALLOW a boy wid dollar sign, zig zag, teardrops and all manor of shit on his face chat up to yu..When will you’ll learn.. what Society was you expecting him to be a part of on what Society was you going to bring him to be a part of??. You actually think they would accept him with all of that on his face. which law abiding citizen have these tatts. he’s young and foolish and so are you. And what the f*** is an original Sparta what degree does a og sparta hold?? The one for scamming Teefing, Bloodshed and Corruption??. Bet that turned you on huh.

    1. Yuh tek the words outta my mouth. Which man can come chat up inna mi face looking like him much less fi want him marry me. KMT

  4. Me born and grow yah, live yah and that boy couldnt even stop me and ask me directions! KMT! You see why more time me caan sorry fi d ppl dem weh get scam!

  5. What’s a “Sparta Original?” Is this like a title like doctor, lawyer, nurse, politician?

    :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

    Howdy Met and Metters:)

  6. Kiss mi momma bumbo…look pon him face…and tings like this mi see woman a run down…

    If unnuh waan see scamma a Spain unnuh fi come…likkle youth weh jus lef high school a push down big car and a build house pon di hill

  7. Sender….please send your pic in so we at this esteemed university can confirm what a Dingbat is. I’ve heard the term for many years and thought you were extinct.

  8. Why, why would anyone with any ambition entertain any conversation with this cretin. Kuh Pon him face. Really lady just count your losses and keep it moving. Them yah nowadays woman a walk Pon dem ambition. I wouldn’t even spit inna the wind, and Mek it catch him. Much less gi mi phone number.

  9. GM MET O @Little Willy DWFL U DI BEST #Dingbat is. I’ve heard the term for many years and thought you were extinct.

  10. Don’t worry sender, I’m going Ocho dec! So if I see him I will run for my must be fat and old to even entertain, something looking like that.

    1. My guess is the Sender weighs about 400-lbs to even talk to a man with tattoos all over his face. Bwoy, there are some very desperate womem out there.

  11. Unno stop condemn the youth he is human and is one of us Jamaican , there is two side to the story , some of there woman are evil as f**k. Leave the you alone when he was f***g you and everything was good JMG didn’t know about it now things going the other way you come put the youth on blast. GTFOH !

  12. Look how much rental boyfriend deh a yard and u choose this !! Send all your money to him he loves you….if this young man turns u on a mad man will do the job as well!!

  13. but…wtf this is a criminal a stupid one him cant hide,, bet a no she one him carry dung, dingbat lol. he own jet skis work along side 5 star hotel and only a fisherman boat she see. bet the boat a no fi him, DINGBAT, wa part a England she come from? dem tek too long to come home, DINGBAT, DWLL willy too outaorda lol

  14. Mi feel like dem farrin ooman yah desperate as f**k !!! Like really nuh man nuh deh a UK ??? Him shoulda nyam everything outta u cuz nuh good gal from JA nah deh wid that. LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL YOU PLAYED YOURSELF ! These are what the yes men waste men batty men look like in JA since u didnt know

  15. You ignorant females really tek the term independent woman to a new low!

    Unn wan fi tek on man role and a tek all manner a corruption in a unnu life.

    You deserve any ill treatment you get from this subhuman! And dumb bitch! Sparta originals were 1000s of years ago,Trained to sex man from dem a boy so they’ll have a life partner in military campaigns, so that sparta shit is appropriate fi mobay faggots :ngakak

    Today “Original sparta” is a criminal syndicate headed by tommy lee…so how you expect anything besides whey yu get from one a de GANG MEMBER??? Dumb phuck.

  16. So hol dawg likkle deh !!!!!!!! A him do him own tattoos mi Neva see this yes watch how the “tears drops” dem look chainlink senda Jaime shoulda never even know which part u keep u underwear much less know if u a man or woman kmt unnu need HELP real DEAL HELP
    Even tho it creeps me out to ask then u n him sex?????? U meck him taste it just curious

    1. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

      Yu see chainlink? It look like one a dem constipated, long s%it whey refuse fi bruk 😀 😀 😀

  17. Sender you left out the part where he whined in big fat whole, and told you he wanted trelationship with you. Come talk the real truth. Why are you silent now,old woman, looking nasty looking young boy, not even a cute young boy. He couldn’t even get a hello from me. You stomach strong. You must shame after reading these comments! Hush.

  18. The tattoos not even cute, lol,*dingbat* mi have a nice clean man a rent you, comment and mi will send you his details and he has less financial problems than this one ere…..,,,,

  19. Senda, were you with this man at RIU Ochi in October? I saw this man down there around that time with one woman and even the blind could see what he was all about.

  20. (Anonymous) person that was in RIU Ochi in oct at same time as this Dingbat woman pleasessss tell us what did the fool look like? Info please

  21. How can a sensible woman see a bwoy whose fsce looks like he fell asleep snd a toddler drew on his face, and seh husband material? Woman know yuh worth and stop waste time energy and money on fools.

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