I have been following her and I notice she isn’t on social media anymore. I know she just had her second child I hope everything is okay and that there isn’t trouble in paradise.





  1. Hopefully she’s away enjoying the thrills of motherhood. No trouble in paradise sender everybody need some time away sometimes, yuh zimmi.

    1. I dont know about the no trouble in paradise statement. I’ve read elsewhere her husband having money problems over in Dubai with the people dem investments. But we all know everything we read is not true.

    1. She’s a former beauty contestant, reality show contestant, did the “social” rounds in Ja, did all dey wid Bolt etc.
      She marry one “rich” white man, travelling all over d world showing off hype life on IG etc. Living in Miami Mansion, Had a baby not two years ago, so the sender wondering if is troube paradise fi she off social media… a wonder tooo. Yea mi luv mix-up.
      Metty Boo, dig furda dey fi mi nuh, mek wi seef dere is any sweet suss

  2. I follow her on snapchat, it would seem everything is ok in paradise. In my personal opinion, having babies back to back is a personal choice. She is married and it would also seem they are financially capable to cater for both, so why not?

    P.S Sender, you know you wanted to hear they broke up or something, do not come here trying to make your ‘fassness’ seem genuine :ngakak

    1. Agree with you. It is amazing how people like negativity and it consumes them. Nothing genuine in the sender’s inquiry and is done to elicit information out of pure jealousy and bad mind.

  3. She’s fine I have her on snapchat she’s just no longer on Instagram. I guess she just doesn’t want to be on IG she prefers snapping .

  4. shes doing great , lost baby weight

    i follow her on snapchat

    2 babies not stressing her at all

    money tends to fix things

    go Milan !

    wife and mommy goals

  5. Why y’all still sending in her picks with Bolt?!
    The woman married and have her children. And 2 children 2 years apart is not quick. Mi see people have baby January n den December again. The people dem nuh stop hate pon Di Gyal n delete har pics. According to her snap she is doing quite well having a ball from what I see.

  6. another person who disappeared off social media is Ms. O – Cham wife

    is she pregnant ? dem lef ?

    whats the 411

  7. Them disappear from social media because them tired(Wallybritish voice) of unno. Leave the ppl them alone, all welfare broke ass bitches have kids back to back and live on the government. All if she want want breed again now she’s entitled her HUSBAND rich. What your BABYDADDIES do oh sell weed,and will never put a ring on it. Y’all bitches breed back to back for different man leave the ppl them alone n go look for ur BABYDADDIES weh naw give unno a dime.

    1. If they can find out who their real baby daddies are, since they have to do 5+ DNA tests before the zero in on a winner. People cruise the net hourly trying to dig up dirt on other females and send in stories for what reason? They are like the old ladies sitting at the window all day waiting for an accident to happen.

  8. She’s very active on snap, she’s always happy and positive and her snaps are always fun to watch. She did mention a few days ago that someone deleted her IG pics.

  9. While we’re on the topic…….where is Anniekay? I miss her on Social Media her makeup and outfits were always on point!!!

  10. Yeah, where is Anniekay? The same girl that had beef with Rebecca Silvera over Luton Shelton, and at one point use to par with Paparrazi Apple. We use to say Anna a beat Rebecca bad. she was actually a favorite of mine. Somebody weh know her come update us nuh. That girl was smoking, couldn’t believe she had a big son and daughter. She stayed looking young and great.

  11. Dem draggings ovaa LSA sweeeeett, from teefins to fake basg to rentedd house whe nuh have much furniture,renting hype car to escorting etccccc

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