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How do you know when a Karma a reach someone?The reason I ask is becuase I heard 2 girls a chat this chick saying how karma mash her up.As u can see I’ve attached the pic of her stall where she now sells biscuits,sweets,banana chips and u could buy out the entire stall for $J2000.Met the browning have a yute for top hustler a England plus her family dem a top men Inna England.

The girls them were saying how she use to model pon road and profile up pure brands inna Dancehall just pure hype,u know the type.She ketch a next breed for a next yute and them sey the English babyfather cut off the funds.According to them bashing the girl,how yuh a go pick up a man that mek yuh haffi a sell sweetie fi survive and left ur babyfather that use to bazzle yuh out??


Met me a pree it another way cuz them kill her family right at that yard last year and is like she a pree to walk away from that fast lane with the infamous babyfather,so she go breed fi a Christian yute and gone inna her church. Nutten nah gwaan too tough so she a start from scratch hence the stall.
‎The truth is I ask becuase I always hear that some ppl Do the things them then run go Inna church to repent but Karma still have a way of ketching up to them to repay their debt for them prior wrongs!

11 thoughts on “DIS KARMA TING

  1. I would rather sell bag juice nn b living peacefully than wearing brand n fear for my life… this is not karma…it’s called evolving…n not thinking that ‘brand wearing’ determines how happy u r. It may seem the gyal dem weh a chat har need fi evolve themselves … some ppl wakeup n realize the life dem lead no wrth it..I guessing that’s what happened here..

  2. If what you say is true sender, then I would classify this as growth. At the end of the day, fast life and quick money is all fun until your health, safety and freedom becomes compromised. The long lady may have reevaluated her priorities and made a conscious decision to leave the mess, including those people who sit watching her/laughing @ her/gossiping about her , alone.
    Good move lady, hold the faith.

  3. When your a hustlah and belong to a long line of hustler. It seems like anything you touch turned to gold. You spark like diamond no chu.But the odd side of that is, all that you’ve hustled. it can’t always be shown in the light, plus members of satan demons are after you for the fast come up. Most and all the things you do must be thru a link of some sort..But living the Christian walk is a daily walk till you can run when God seh foo run. So is two sides too the spectrum.. I wouldn’t call it karma. She really just start live. Those 2 chick chatting her really don’t understand the power of massa God. It might look tough to them cause weh we use to see har a gwaan wid & even envy har then. Who ah envy har now? Lol she can sleep better now I bet you..

  4. She a do har ting but she still fool fool cuz she clearly neva did a save ntn but buy brand. If she was she could have started a better business. $2000 can buy out the stall really ??? And she nuh muss sell off everything inna one day. She really a scrape right now.

  5. If what u say is true then she doing the right thing. When you decide to walk the path of God then you cant carry any baggage from your previous life. Matter of fact it will be used as a test. You cant put wine in dirty vessel and keeping the hype things will only drive you right back as soon as things look bleeky after all they have to be maintained. Just like the one yesterday those women would have lived with anything the hype man do them as long as they get sweets. Its called humility but let them laugh that stall can upgrade. I rem working inna chinese man wholesale a bag out ppl goods, I rem when the “nice” girls use to come in and look down on me as tall as I am as I was just a riff raff cute but lumpen. But you see when u determine to succeed and do so honestly and with God as u head nothing stop you from acheiving your goals it takes time. Plus when u acheive over a period of time rather than hurry come up u have a greater appreciation for your things and they last longer. Rem easy come easy go.

  6. The young lady decided to humble herself, the two hype girls who are chatting her need to do the same. Humility takes you far.

  7. @F**ka Dem if a just cut she cut or get dump n bruk mi with u but if a God she say nope good riddance.

  8. She is pretty fine. When people make a change in life they don’t want anything from their past, so the money that was easy to get maybe bloodstained etc and she just didn’t want to be a part of that anymore. She has made the right choice, struggles often for our good,they give us life experiences and when we overcome them honestly, we sleep good at nights and wake up feeling good. Clean start is fine…sooner or late the England top hustler’s money will run out and a bitter end will come. It doesn’t mean for this young lady that she is home free, she used to benefit from all of that and still has to pay the consequences for them…(even though she is not involved anymore)..That’s KARMA…its the “what goes around comes around” of life. Karma needs no one’s address. Those ridiculing her as well…Karma is coming for them too…

  9. I classify this as a spiritual growth FULL STOP. I know of a lady who left her rich husband, including the business they started, asked for nothing from their union and started from scratch. She couldn’t take the disrespect he dished out.

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