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Jamaican teen dies
By Kwame Laurence in Tobago

Jamaican Cavahn McKenzie died after completing the junior men’s six-kilometre event at yesterday’s North America, Central America and Caribbean (NACAC) Cross Country Championships, at the Mt Irvine Bay Golf Course, in Tobago.
McKenzie finished 21st in 20 minutes, 26 seconds, but then collapsed. He reportedly died in the ambulance while being taken to hospital.
National Association of Athletics Administrations (NAAA) president, Ephraim Serrette told the Express that 18-year-old McKenzie’s death was “cardiac related”.
Two more Jamaican athletes were taken to hospital late yesterday. At press time, no information about their condition was available.


  1. Baxside no tell say a poison di Trini dem poison the ppl dem enuh cause badmind caaaa so active no sahhhhhhhhhh
    Mi a watch dis one closely

  2. Mi she if a really poison them poison the Jamaican kids the, I would rally a class action law suit against Trinidad, when we finished with them we own them nastiness, this is one thing me not going to play blind eye to. My friend son goes to Jago and he is a runner also, God forbids it could have been him.

  3. This is so sad!

    A young man in the prime of his life…to die after a race.

    Condolences to his family and friends. I’m sure they must be proud of him that he made it to the finish line.

  4. Mi peep dah story yah wid a side eye

    A hope dem do a full autopsy pon di dead one body and do some serious detailed test pon dem two yah

    Mi nah seh … But mi a seh :cystg

  5. jamaica and the families need to fly in their own specialist to do test on the bodies and seach for every little trace of chemicals…smh this is very suspicious not one but 2 students dead.Somebody trying to make sure another usain Bolt won’t rise out of Jamaica

  6. A wey de rassclaat a gwaan inna Trinidad ?? Young Jamaican athletes either dead or haffe a go a hospital ?? No man, sum”n nuh right. Da fuq ??

  7. Good afternoon met all of them get sick after they eat the food right now one of the girl that run the marathon in Jamaica right now with bad stomach ache I talk to one of my friend that sponsor the girls team & she tell him after McKenzie eat the food he start complaining about stomach ache & he still go ahead & run the marathon so the two that hospitalised his because of the food

  8. Bout he died of heart problem McKenzie never have heart problem a Jamaica so why him get it a Trinidad bullshit may his soul rest in peace father God naa sleep , when me use to run fi jago a same way dem did try poison DONOVAN POWELL in a orange juice ASAFA POWELL brother dem need fi get a personal chef like usain bolt fi cook fi di athlete dem wicked germs dem evil people

  9. I REPEAT>>>>>>>Smaddy need fe link **MICHAEL BADEN** fe oversee disya investigation…**BEST** Forensic Pathologist there is!! He can detect a pin drop of any kind of poisoning and determine **PROPER**cause of death.

  10. This is war for them dutty evil badmine trini de..My god piosn the pikney dem over race Jesus no man mi cant cope,, Tears just a run dung mi face. Oh god May the poor boy RIP and help the rst to recover . So this is how dem f**ka de a operate.. Ole dutty wutliis people mi cant stanf dem

  11. Runners die all the time while running . The pressure on the heart excessive especially long distance running so maybe wait on the ME before Unnu bawl out bout poison etc.
    Although I was kinda suspicious when they said two others were ill but no info was released.

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