Two men were shot and killed by gunmen in the community of Red Dirt in Flanker, St. James on Tuesday afternoon.

They have been identified as 35 year-old Robert Pearson of Granville, St. James and 49 year-old Willy Binns of Red Dirt.

According to the police, both men, who are contractors, were working on a house when they were ambushed by men who shot them several times. The gunmen escaped.

Both victims were pronounced dead at Cornwall Regional Hospital.


  1. SMH, wondering if a extortion, or a outside workers this person hire, some community u cant carry stranger to work on u house, man page dem or the owner fi di house, a ask how the work go, house owners get people who dem know will work cause dem area man naw wuk good dem teefing u material its sad, it happen to a woman in Canada men approached her askin if dem cant eat a food, she run lef the house out deh, a people tel her wa eat a food mean

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