6 thoughts on “AND TRUMP VIDEO O

  1. That why me nuh listen to none a dem bout red flag see the real red flag ya a wonder if dem know a nuh Jamaica dem deh
    These foolish set you really think flippa antics would a change nuff a dem but as a friend say most of these dummies do the same

    1. some people will always affi pay to learn, a di fuss inna history mi a see this. I will be there when the feds watching and she has the nerves to a wish trump deport people.

  2. At this point Wally British pass red flag and should be black listed fi good.

    You can’t a play moral police and you morals shakey. Anything happen to the dude police a go red flag you ass straight to jail.

    The “don’t come out the hole you in” is a threat on his well being.

    Yah red flag people pussc principles and cock behavior and miss everything else bout life :salahkamar

  3. Who Di f**k have drugs a dem yard and put up man who dem obviously caa trust? Gal yuh lucky him Neva wait til yuh have a big food an kill yuh an yuh Pickney or set up smaddy else fi duh it. Overgrown fool. Yuh feel like tru yuh gi Di man likkle food and mek him sleep pon yuh floor him owe yuh loyalty? How yuh know him Neva have somewhere fi stay and was tricking you to get in your house? See him find somewhere as soon as him rob yuh? Wally Yuh jus a wanna be gangsta with a big dutty L plate.

  4. A my fault! cause a swear Mi seh mi tink dah gal yah did have more sense… Yow a one ting mi know change yuh name from wallybritish tuh wallybrave cause gal yuh full a bravery no lie mi Nuh how hunnu dweet. Di way mi would a look ova mi shoulder mi neck woulda crik.

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