Two women have been arrested and are expected to be charged in connection with yesterday’s shooting death of a man in August Town, St Andrew.

A man is also being sought by the police in connection with the incident, as they believe he can assist their investigations.

Trevor Grey, a 54-year-old welder of Kew Lane, Kingston 13, was shot dead about 2:45 am at a bar in August Town.

According to police reports, Grey went to the bar to visit his female companion, who is reportedly the owner of the establishment. He later left the bar, shortly after which explosions were heard.

The police say the now deceased was seen running back into the bar where he collapsed.

He was taken to the University Hospital of the West Indies where he succumbed to his injuries.

Commanding officer for the August Town Police Station, Stephen Taylor, told the

Jamaica Observer yesterday that three women who were in Grey’s company at the time of his attack were taken into custody. One of them has since been released.

The other two, Taylor said, are expected to be charged.

Grey’s death comes after stakeholders in that community celebrated a murder-free year in 2016.

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