Mets nyoka send har friend them fi post up Keri and figet fi har history because all a di man them weh she outline fi Keri nuh half as big as fi har list. To di amount a police weh f**k nyoka mi fraid fi ketch up ina any argument wid she caus a straight prison. She a talk bout Keri a promoter bicycle and she a promoter bike. Member slave town teacher aka dripping wet? Remember Chris stupid money? Remember Bonile beach swag weh f**k u an yuh fren dem? And Shane intense weh dead. And di other police man weh yuh did have weh lip di party weh mi nuh member. An mi sure nuff more deh bout weh mi can gi info pan very soon. Nyoka we all know you a nuh goodas. Look how much gal husband and Man U tek. Suh wah if Keri tek back your man. A tru Ryan a di only man weh mind yuh? Caus all a di other man dem tek yuh money, f**k u an lef u. Yuh nuh Ina nuh form or shape fi style nuh gal caus you worst than every gal a port Maria suck hood nyoka. Suh easy yuh self an come off a di gal name


  1. Nyoka why you cyan stop trouble ppl?? You a call ppl whore when you whore down the place… due to how you pussy tiad it a bawl fi mercy, look how you body stay fi a young gyal…beat out nuh r*ss… only ryan alone want you nuhbody esle nuh want you dutty gyal fava eediat, better you go drink 2 beer and watch a nice clean gyal tek you man,kerry nuh fi lef him alone but come to think of it a you man go trouble the gyal, make it worst she nuh fi lef him… you fi ketch r*ss heart attack round a you yrd, gweh gyal an gwan go wash out the man dutty clothes them and lef the man mek him cheat him peace. …. when you a dash out yuh dutty pu**y the man nuh trouble yuh

  2. no sah! A station pussy she hv den??? D whole a JDF unda she??? Hey gyal,go sit dwn wid Yuh battlefield pussy!!!

  3. Yardielovethug just link har pan fb she nuh hard fi get. Just tel har say yuh come from foreign or u a keep a dance and she gi yuh di pussy quick. She nuh look bad enuh yuh just afi use a boots caus nuff man guh deh an a risk.

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