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  1. Gm Ms Met n jmg fans…very powerful message indeed…but met in my opinion, i think its the only way(his line of work) to reach some ppl…sometimes ppl get so caught up with themselves that, they forget about who made it all possible…so Mr. Tyrese will be able to capture another type of audience, than how a pastor/preacher would…u know how (church people act), as if they are perfect, so this coming from Mr.Gibson, is just god’s way of using someone imperfect to society, to deliver his message.

  2. :kiss :kiss Thanks to u also, u set the stage for me in my own life…so he’s 100% correct about nothing in this life is by coincidence, mistake or accident its all for purpose..Thank u…

    1. :kiss :kiss I have no words :peluk . God is too good to us that we should really even have a word as coincidence . Imgine a situation as u wanting something specifically and right there and then without u even reaching for it..it reaches u…coincidence shouldn’t even be a word. Many times people lament on the achievements of others without even dreaming a dream for themselves. They think God has given what they should have gotten when sometimes a jus because dem see someone with it why they wanted it..they never wanted that in their heart. God makes NO mistakes

  3. Amen…Whats funny tho is that ppl are so envious of what they see others with, that they go out to great lengths to get it (by any means necessary)..They may get it, but can’t deal with what comes with it…(what u can tolerate, i cannot, and vice versa)..my blessings are not ur blessings, my purpose is not ur purpose… that’s why god won’t give u more than u can bare..before he created u he knew the weights/burdens u are gonna come into it, n he built u for that…but when a person try to go around the blueprint this is when they face all sort of things, failing to realize that they don’t control what was already planned out…

    1. Amen!! As Tyrese said the blueprint was there. Sometimes God lend dem what they see other with that they want fi teach dem a lesson and they refuse the lesson ..Then God use them as an example fi bless who they were envious after.

      1. truuuue real talk ….I try to have a very intimate and transparent relationship with God, I got baptised and I am not going to lie have fell many times, and rose again, I pray continuously with God, I tend to have dream where God will guide me on situations or he will send a complete stranger to give me the direction as he did with my studies, my career, even my vehicle (I always ask him to choose for me as he know whats best), even down to my very baptism he sent a stranger after crying out to him with the message that I should give him my all, hence me getting baptised……not going to lie I work in a secular environment with people who badmind and even try to slander my name, but although me might dress up etc…..I don’t ramp fi pray and plead the blood of Jesus, mi pray and ask God to cover me, friends and family everyday trust me met, what Tyrese says is true, God has a blueprint for all f us, and once God says this is how it is going to go, it may not be easy, but we may receive it once we stay close to him and his word….I am faaaaaaaaaaar from perfect but God has my back and I love him with all my heart.

        1. When you have a quiet life when following God. Just know that you have not accomplished anything..if you as a child of God continue to face affliction and wrath..know your purpose is great..Many are called but chosen are few…Some are called fi dem noise keep di chosen straight..some are called to make those chosen know the are children blessed and favored by God…If u do not face affliction you are not living for God because the devil waste no time on sinners..he already have them..

          1. And mek mi stress this..We are not children of God because we are perfect…We are children of God because we have acknowledged him and our imperfections.

  4. :2thumbup :2thumbup god a god…in my own life/past, i had alot of why me god?…just because i wasn’t this firm in my beliefs on how he works, now i can genuinely look back and say why not me??? and thank him, for all those blessings in disguise….he was always strengthen me, because i had to be qualify enough to teach(still a work in progress, but on my journey)..

    1. :kiss
      My why not me came when sometimes I suffered so much that I would say why me, then go back and say why not me how would I feel about someone suffering as much as I..From there it went into what did I do Lord and for nights I would ask this question until he answered and said NOTHING. It was only to help me grow because as u said those were blessings in disguise and what would I be without them. If I did not suffer I wouldnt know how it felt, and if I didnt suffer I wouldnt know what is praise and who praise belongs to..If I didnt ask what did I do..I wouldnt know who did and who tried to did..nor would I know who stood in full armor and defended me..God is God and dat cyah change

  5. You know since Paul walker’s deathnis like this guy finds his soul. His whole new approach is such a breath a fresh air, and the person at the top is so right God has to use one of their own to send the message to them. Blessed Sunday all….

  6. i love that met..”When you have a quiet life when following God. Just know that you have not accomplished anything”…very true statement….jesus was a very busy man…

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