US Olympic sprinter Tyson Gay’s 15-year-old daughter has been killed in a shooting in the US state of Kentucky, police say.
Police in Lexington said Trinity Gay was hit in the neck during an exchange of fire between two vehicles in a restaurant car park.
She was taken to hospital where she later died, local media reported.
Mr Gay, who is from Lexington, confirmed her death to local TV station Lex 18.
“She didn’t make it. I’m so confused. She was just here last week for fall break. It’s so crazy. I have no idea what happened,” Lex18 quoted him as saying.
Mr Gay is the US 100m record holder and is the joint second-fastest 100m runner of all time, behind Usain Bolt.
The US track and field athletics team tweeted its condolences, sending “thoughts and prayers” to Mr Gay and his loved ones “as they mourn the tragic & senseless loss of his daughter, Trinity”.
Police have launched a murder investigation into the shooting, which happened at about 04:00 local time (08:00 GMT) outside the Cook Out restaurant in the city, Lexington police said in a statement.
Witnesses reported an exchange of gunfire between two vehicles, a gray Dodge Charger and a dark-coloured sports car with tinted windows.
Ms Gay was taken to University of Kentucky hospital in a private car.
Officers located the Dodge Charger and detained two people for questioning but were still searching for the other vehicle, police said.
Tyson Gay was part of the US 100m relay team at the Rio Olympics.
In 2013 he tested positive for a banned substance and was banned from competition for a year.


  1. What is the point of adding that he was tested for a banned substance? Kmt

    I have questions like… WHY was the child out at 4 am at night she’s 15 years old ! To me it sounds like she was in the hood bwoy mi a tell yuh! Just Nuh understand why she don’t have curfew.

    1. I saw pictures of her in a cheer uniform. If they had an out of town game they may have got back late so that explains why she was out at 4 a.m.

  2. Why did they have to state that he was tested for a banned substance what does that have to do with the death of his child???

    I have questions like…. WHY WAS THE CHILD out at 4 am she’s 15 years old!!! She don’t have curfew????

  3. My condolences to her parents, young gone so so soon. My question is what is a 15 year old doing out at this time of the night, she should be in her bed 2 am she is out eating with friends.

  4. This screams sacrifice!!!…. For many reasons and just my honest opinion cause I have a f**d up vision… Tyson gayman yuh is a wicked manframe/pussyhole if yuh kill yuh own picney fi have money and fame fi run lef usain fi him title next year! And dat bloodclaat usain him is a next one too bad wah inna him foot Nuh inna him brain fi know how far ppl will go and how much dem wah Tek weh di title from him. A America fi first inna everything but yuh we learn… But when the news say crossfire and 4 that’s automatically telling you it’s a hit the job is done…. Den him gi weh him self bout it’s crazy I have no idea what happened.. Boooo boooo!! you should have tried a different line youth mi see straight Chu dat… All you usain… see like how yuh cock loose inna di white gal dem. A dem same one dem ago use pan yuh bout last race and retirement! Cuk pan yuh inna yuh young age…my youth yuh bawn fi run but one ting i can tell yuh… yuh get f**k fi dis last race if yuh tink yah go out wid a bang…

      1. Unda yuh madda big pussy Nuh dense gal.. fi f**k yuh unknown fada an bring a germs like you…. Mi tell hunnu fi use yuh name so mi can address hunnu personally oh dutty anonymous… Weh yuh family deh call dem, call yuh ancestors dem tuh…cause mi wah tell yuh fi go juice di whole a dem… Mi so dumb but yuh read everything weh mi write gal ease up offa mi comments dem an stap falla mi up like yuh tink mi have breast milk..

    1. Tyson Gay is almost 35. His best days are about 10 yrs behind him so no one is expecting him to be the next big thing in track. Your blood sacrifice theory is unfounded.

  5. His daughter is apart of the American Gymnastic Team,she was at a restaurant having something to eat after coming back from so kind a training I think and they stopped there to eat…So damn sad and inna real life if unno really don’t know shit don’t assume it or find stick stir ..this parent lost his baby for God’s sake smfh

    1. All bloodclaat you dodge bout ignorance is bliss… Yes shake yuh f**g head!!!! A hope di bloodclaat man wife Nuh f**k up yuh pussyclaat by next year.. and den we see which pawt a bliss is ignorance.

  6. Smh… they were going or coming fr an event or training. Caa memba which one. Its not unusual for athletes to be out at that hour. They stop for breakfast.

  7. Go straight home simple, the mother said she was hanging with friends. If any event go home. I need to get breaks st go home wake up later and have mom make you breakfast. I would of been right there after the event and pick up my daughter I do not play that!

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