(CNN) — Honduras has the world’s highest murder rate, according to a United Nations report released on Thursday.
There were 90.4 homicides per 100,000 people in Honduras in 2012, according to this year’s report from the U.N. Office of Drugs and Crime.
The report analyzes the intentional homicides of about 437,000 people around the world in that year.
Honduras also topped the list in the office’s last report, released in 2011.
In the Americas, homicide rates have been five to eight times higher than those of Europe and Asia since the mid-1950s, the study says, describing the phenomenon as “the legacy of decades of political and crime-related violence.”
Here’s a look at the U.N.’s latest tally of nations with the highest homicide rates:
Honduras: 90.4 (per 100,000)
Venezuela: 53.7
Belize: 44.7
El Salvador: 41.2
Guatemala: 39.9
Jamaica: 39.3
Swaziland: 33.8
Saint Kitts and Nevis: 33.6
South Africa: 31.0
Colombia: 30.8
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The report also provides a look at what kinds of weapons were used in homicides around the world.
Firearms: 41%
Sharp objects: 24%
Other: 35%
Source: Global Study on Homicide 2013, United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime
CNN’s Catherine E. Shoichet and Danny Guerra


  1. But hole on deh!! Is how dem manage fe hop, skip and jump right pass Mexico? Dem ah di most violentest set ah people known to mankind. People dead ah Mexico everyday ah daytime like fly ah mosquito ah summa time. People all walk and step ova dead body suh how them manage fe exclude Mexico? That is what I’d like to know…

      1. But anon, dem nuh easy!! If unu eva si how dem war gainst dem owna family memba, much less a random stranger

    1. Yep, am puzzled by that too, because dem alway a cut off head or shoot up a hole heap a people at the same time …

      1. Honeybee, mi seh dem nuh ramp fe lick gunshot aafa dem one anedda when fued bruck out mungst dem…and den have ah audacity fe siddung undaneat tree ah drink ah case ah beer as if nutten happend. Dem is ah different breed ah human beings :cd

    2. A d same thing mi seh to Yeppie, Mexico and Afghanistan, so if dem 2 deh nuh pan d highest homicide rates in d world nuh mussi d list wid d highest genocide dem deh pan then. Dah smaddy deh weh compile d list nuh have a clue bout wah dem a do.

  2. Saint Kitts and Nevis was a little quiet island until di bwoy, well man tun it upside dun weh did get dip back deh, but gwaan like a yawdie from di Showa Posse Gang.Figet him name.Dem seh di Island havent been the same since

    1. You are talking about Charles “Little Nut” Miller, AKA, “Modeler” (formerly known as Cecil Connor). He was actually born in St. Kitts and lived in Jamaica before migrating to the US. He killed at least two policemen in Jamaica and somehow escape from the Jamaica Penitentiary (with the help of Jim Brown?). He who has personally killed at least a dozen people in St. Kitts after leaving the US Witness Protection Program. He is now doing 100+ years in US Prison now.


  3. Mi nuh thing this right, and if it is right then it is very old statistics…caw Mexico not even mek the list.

  4. apparently mexico is in a different category ..the category called war torn countries…….den how st kitts mek di list?…if yuh kill 33 ppl no bout half di population witness it cause di entire country bout di size a portmore……….as for jamaice being on di list……ever since 1976 general election man a shot man fi power and shower….now dat ppl really understand power and shower dont do shit fi yuh….is all about di benjamins……man a rob and kill man fi di latest cell phone and dem kinda ting…..

  5. Stick a pin… It is all about the interpretation of data. This report is leaned to benefit the more populous countries…. Rate is misleading that it does not always represent the representative sample

    If I correctly answer 7 out of 10 questions, that’s 70 %. However, if I correctly answered 7 out of 100 questions, that’s 7 %. This is exactly what this report represents.

    Hence, we don’t see Mexico, the USA, the Sudan and a few central African countries…

  6. yes the data is per 100,00 therefore countries with a higher population would have to have a very high crime rate to appear on the list (which they don’t hence the absence). Ja crime rate is really high per capita 39 homicides per 100k for 2.5mil ppl that tun up

  7. Actually, the reason Mexico is not higher on the list is because they have a “large” population (~ 120 million). So the rate is much lower when compare to some of the other countries that are ranked higher than Mexico. The larger your population, the lower your murder rate (since the rate is based on murders per 100,000 of the population).

    FYI, Mexico rate is 21.5, even though they had over 26,037 murders in 2012. Honduras on the other hand has a rate of 90.4 and a total of 7,172 total intentional homicides.

  8. Trinidad,Bahamas and Haïti need to be on that list. I guess if yardie dem nuh mixup in a nothing the list wont be interesting.

  9. Where is Trinidad? Oh ji just remember they don’t even publish their murders in local paper. Trinidad murders are usually children who are kidnapped then beheaded, much like Belize

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