UNNO DID KETCH DIS?????????????

0 thoughts on “UNNO DID KETCH DIS?????????????

  1. Dem sumting yah a get to me now. Nuh wonda mi cyaan find nuh ooman pants fi buy. Yuh see dem likkle nastiness yah, kmt

  2. Inside out things a gwan…. boy turn girl, girl turn boy MI laugh still caw him move betta dan Nuff woman but it nuh funny sometimes MI nuh pay the youth Dem nuh mind cause a nuh like the future depends pan it

  3. Dats why man batty haffi flat like pancake fi me. Man a walk a road dese days batty higher and rounda dan any ooman, some all a get butt implants and injections. Not a rass, mi nuh waan see not even a curve back deh..lol

  4. I love it! Get it baby boy you a siddung pon di riddim tho.
    Good Morning Met and Metters! its been a while I’ve commented but I am still here looking in every now and then. You keep blessed and safe.

  5. Gwan mi bwoy…nuff gyal jealous because dem cyan whine pon dem man buddy head suh. I love gay guys they can dance, dress very well and dem very good at house decorating. I wonder if I can he this likkle bwoy fi teach me some a dem tick tock deh lol

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