0 thoughts on “YOUNG AND VELLY WISE -_-

    1. one more time fi me..because mi nuh now how money come in if it nuh belong to is selling a go gwaan har wha??

  1. Afternoon everyone,
    What yuh sell young lady… ground provision, cosmetic, clothing, sex ,drugs or people identity.

  2. Met these idiots put up a bag philosophical nice BS on IG fi get likes u never know dat kmft me na look pon dem cause dem no practice what dem preach, me only tink say ppl ride her too much cause what she did she a no d fuss dweet n certainly na go b d last – is only because she have the this pretentious way of life whe a come to light ya now – But me wish her all d luck in a d world cause she a crave dis fame whe no look like it na a claim her

  3. Pretty face and BAD character !
    Money DONT buy you CLASS darling !
    And when yuh wah HYPE bout money,
    Yuh nuh fi pose inna rip up style shirt and unmanicured landscape in d back.
    New lawn fi plant in d dry spot backdrop behind yuh. Or pose inna fancy garden or hotel lobby. Money u ah chat and so much pu$$y yuh give way and yuh nuh buss big yet?
    I think she aiming fi d President of Down Sound Records now.
    Oh! Nobody have fi kno, d two ah dem ah f**k !
    Me cant understand when these rachet hoe$ find TIME to be mothers to dem pickni star!

  4. Di ongle love a ooman can count on in dis worl is di love shi have fi har own self. A desso ooman fi look fi dem love fram, from widdin. Any ooman a wait fi love fram man or pickney is one who will surely end up wid a broken heart.

  5. As much as I dnt knw wat took place between Ishawna n Foota as a woman my advice to Ishawna wud b to stay humble, even thou at times these men hurt us so bad. if she a do her ting she just dweet nuh boda wid d dis song n all dem ting deh cause no matter wat Foota was there with her n her music when no one else wud even give her a listening ear….. Baby girl God dnt like ugly n Karma is a bitch… n when we hype up we self d reward that God really have for us will get taken away. nuh badda hype up yuhself cause if downsound kick yu weh straight bck to Foota u go (no shade).. memba how Angel use to hype pon Bounty? u c wat happened to her? learn from other ppl’s mistake.. U r a beautiful girl I cud careless wat u do with ur V cause its urs… Mumma just do u music if u n Foota lef just leave it there nuh mek nobody boost u up fi diss him just do it peacefully..

  6. From the looks of are u can see seh she nah get much for whatever shes selling….. take up a book honey.

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