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Kartel trial: Kartel questioned us about a missing gun, witness says

KINGSTON, Jamaica — The prosecution’s lead witness testified Tuesday that he and Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams were taken to a house in Havendale, St Andrew owned by Vybz Kartel to account for missing guns.

He testified that Shawn ‘Storm’ Campbell was also in the taxi that took them to the house.

Campbell he said had earlier assured them no harm would come to them and allowed Williams to speak with Kartel via a cellular phone.

He said that when they arrived at the Swallowfield Avenue residence Kartel invited them inside and begun questioning them about the firearm.

Kartel as well as Campbell and three others are on trial for Williams’ murder believed to be committed at the same house.

KINGSTON, Jamaica –The chief witness for the prosecution in Vybz Kartel’s murder trial, this morning testified that on the 14th of August, 2011 he and Clive Williams visited Williams’ sister’s house in Waterford St Catherine.

“We were kind of shaky and scared because we knew the situation we were in,” he told the court.

He testified that while at the house Williams answered his cell phone which he put on speaker.

The witness was being lead by senior prosecutor Jeremy Taylor.

He said that he heard Williams speaking to Kahira Jones, whom he said he knew from primary school.

According to the witness Williams told Jones to “beg Kartel” for him. “Him [Jones] say everything good, you don’t have to worry,” the witness said.

Taylor then asked him if he know why, to which the witness replied “yes sir”.

He said after the call ended Williams’ sister gave them $1000, took them to the Portmore Mall and told them to leave the area.

Williams is believed to have been killed on August 16, 2011 at a House in Havendale, St Andrew.

Kartel and several others including, entertainer Shawn ‘Shawn Storm’ Campbell, Andre St John, Kahira Jones and Shane Williams are charged with Williams’ murder.

Fashion designer Calvin Hay another suspect in the killing was freed last week.


          1. Maniac him be Met. But the odd thing about this saga is the people who are protesting his innocence talking about “free worl’boss” I’ve yet to see his MOTHER………..all now mi cant believe it, the man own mother not even show her face to baxcide.

          2. Di mother is very up and front ina di case.How can someone be so wicked to someone whey grow wid him?..I wish dem did hang same way mek him and all who assisted him hang

    1. bwoy all mi haffi se kartel kill di wrong man caw lizard have a powerful family memba weh name dem blood dash weh so ……..gwaan dance and sing granny :cool sumadi a go a way

  1. From Valerie neita Robertson drop this case mi know that was the first sign of problems, wah mount a murderer she get off scotch free its amazing how she do it.

  2. did u hear what …………bigga ford said….”good news travel fast”…unu tink a joke him a mek but him did serious…. a long time ppl a wait fi dem lock him up ….and a nuff murder him commit and get away with …..so it was good news to a lot of ppl

      1. Kartel was going up town and thought he had the “in” because he rented a house “in” the neighborhood. Kartel has a lot of pride and no shame. He allowed caricom to start investigate him at a time when they were promoting the Caribbean. Vybz Kartel was a failure to the outside world. It was as if Jamaica failed. Jamaica as in the government did not think it was important to defend their nation because of Vybz Kartel…and he just did not get it and he did not shut up. Then he went on and thought he was famous because they gave him teachers pet. All this time Mr. Intelligent did not realize that he was being investigated. He thought they actually wanted him on TV…In short he is a duppy bat.

  3. Suh how mi hear seh money did dashout fi get rid a evidence! suh money dash an nun nuh dash pon di key witness? A who responsible fi dis screw-up? Lolll

  4. dem ave leed witness yet him cannot pin point seh KARTEL, SHAWN STORM,KAHIRA JONES,etc. him see do di killing? case so weak,I can see KARTEL backstage ready to perform @ sting. smh

  5. I just feel there’s going to be a twist with that witness ! Watch
    Mi nuh deh pon no sides as I’m over this he still makes music behind bars that’s good enough for me 😀

  6. gaza gwaan guh mek a next fone call sey lizard cum rob yuh agen since day mumz….smfh all in de name a wanting ppl man weh doah want yuh dem suda lock yuh up nd neva let yuh guh..yuh wicked prick yuh

  7. Finson dem anuh good “by the books” attorney. Dem famous inna di fraternity fi “buy the case”. Di Senator know who fi pay mek evidence disappear.
    Watch di ting.

        1. De whole lot a dem. Leah hear it from shi inna crib see how she gravitate towards the beat? it carry har straight———–to dwag paw! lolollllllllll

    1. You are right!! But in this case, the evidence is the start witness and it is too late to get rid of him. They also payoff jury, police and judges too. How do the criminals know ahead of time who the star witnesses are? The lawyers pass that info to their client and days later, witnesses are found dead. That my friend is how most of these criminal cases are won.

  8. gaza slim is missing from the limelight ever since kartel drop the last letter informing his baby mother shortie to withdraw £5000 to conduct his business, look like a pure phone card money gaza slim use to get.

  9. @ met u nuh easy enuh! anyways met mi jus a read some late news pon di case, bwoy ,weed a sing like Sanchez and L.U.S.T. inna one, him a give details what took place and did mention KARTEL’s and SHAWN STORM’S active role in this murder,and base on these evidence, cant say 4 JA but USA a str888 prison for all including co-conspirators.but on a real if yuh a selfproclaim ‘GANGSTER’ yuh nuh guh pon stand guh testify, jus defend it.weed a punk, snitch,bitch

    1. A nu everyday man wann fi remain gangsta!

      Me did think you in a different bracket when me read some a you postings….could I be anymore incorrect?

      1. all when dem did a go kill him , he must be loyal to them u nuh si seh something wrong wid cnn

        if kartel own dog bite him ina dat…that is to show the level of evil whey did a tek place..wicked shawn storm whey him and lizard cousin have pickney di whole a dem is an extended family and kartel own dog bite him…he should have known that would have been the end of him

        1. What is the common theme with this list; popcaan, black ryno, not nice, jah vinci, lisa hype, roach, merital family, gaza slim, corey todd, deva bratt, who can guess what all these people have in common???

  10. Met is wha da link de @7:29…me nu click pon link unless a yu put it up.

    Fashion Passion and CNN is not everyday blood run and somebody nu pay de price…remember that.

    willie…a nu jus case dem pay fah…dem do witness extermination to.

  11. @ met,all am sayn is Lizard shoot at Black Ryno dont? his intentions was to kill him ,therefore weed and lizard kno the gangsta ting a street ting , weed fi defend dat, dont snitch it out,assisting Babylon system, leave dat to law abiding citizens, tax payers etc.remember it name ‘GANGSTER FOR LIFE’ not no partime ting, dem bwoy deh a snitch, dem choose di lifestyle suh live up to it, instead ah flip

    1. as i said mi nuh know if u nuh understand…his life was in danger

      lizard weed and di next one name ratty all grow roun kartel before it reach gangster ting…ryno was not like family to them so dat different..lizard was ordered beaten until dead after kartel did done tell dem seh everyting criss him nah do dem nothing so that mean everyman to demself what gangster for life ??? u a act like is a shoot out and di man decide not fi fire no more shot n tek di next side…BETRAYAL BRING DOWN DI BEST OF THE BEST

      1. Met the Gambino family swore in BLOOD to defend each other and in the end the man who did most of the “hits” ratted on EVERYONE……in this day and age alone a selected few will serve a long stretch for their cronies.

      2. met mi understand where u coming from but yuh been bias now. listen if u r affiliated or assossiated with an organization , there are protocols which must be respected and honoured. dem seh show mi yuh company and yuh identify urself in dat category,dont? if the tables were turn and lizard kill ryno, weed same one would endorse it ,and tek di street credit fi deh duppy deh dont? suh agen mi seh him shoulda deal wid it different. If taking di stand is his way out, might as well him guh get more training, put on di blue suit and report to di corporal or seargent.

        1. no u are being biased.from u try kill any member of any organization dem is no longer a member and have no loyalty or ties to u…any ting a anyting.. taking the stand is saving his life and bringing kartel to justice…a neva dem teef di gun dem so which code dat fall under? mi nuh know if u understand seh ryno was not a part of that..WEED,KARTEL,LIZARD , N RATTY GROW UP TOGETHER..Ryno was not close like that so even iffff lizard was ordered to take him out it wouldnt be against their loyalty…what really happened is that lizard n weed did fi kill ratty and they said they would not because a him grow dem..so a really desso kartel a carry belly from so nuh talk bout di man fi be loyal when kartel have no loyalty..dont be like that..fair is fair

          1. Good Job in presenting Ethics to cnn…but him still nah go get it cause Hollywood introduce it to him and countless others incorrectly.

            Cnn…de code whey Met a point out is easy it is “Death before dishonor, I could never betray my brother”…and by the star witness going up against Kartel him a honor him “brother” in death since him survive.

          2. Exactly because Ryno was not kin to them and di people dem seh when Kartel send dem fi go mash dung Ratty dem cudden do it because dem se a someone dem grow wid…he had no loyalty to them so when that happen every man to dem own order …Phantom , Weed get a child from di same lizard sister whey testify that is how close di whole a dem was..kartel too wicked

      3. listen please!!!!!! if you are associated or affiliated with an organization ,there are protocols which must be respected and honored. Am sure if lizard did not ‘miss’ and black ryno was killed, weed same one would endorse dat and tek di street credit for that ‘duppy’, there fore if going on the stand is the way out for Weed, might as well him get some more training ,put on the blue suit and report to the corporal and the seargent. plz dont be bias met

        1. and u nah get it..which protocol did kartel adhere to when he ordered ratty killed and then killed the young man?? Black Ryno was a target and NOT A MEMBER OF THE ORGANIZATION mi nuh think u understand that all now.. Weed must and if him cannot him fi write and post pan every door that Kartel is a murderer ..u can kill someone u dont know that well but how do u kill someone whey literally grow up wid u and have pickney wid etc?? So again..what protocol was adhered to by Kartel?

        2. Sometimes I really wonder ..Lizard’s sister gave him 1000 fi leave di place because she knew that he would kill him…..Why u think Lizard n Weed go meet up? A because dem feel dem know him because dem grow up together and he decided fi kill di man ina di worse way…n weed fi sidung mek kartel come outa prison come kill him and him family because kartel very paranoid and he knows he will die for sure…so tell me again..what protocol?

        3. Cnn, if the mission, core and value of the organization isn’t to you liking you don’t have to honor $hit..yu cut whey.

          1. But Phantom di man try kill di yoot ova nothing and di yoot fi seh yes a di work dis and keep it suh? Knowing kartel want a chance fi kill him

          2. Met, de defenda dem don’t do critical or rational thinking. Me read some whey sey “some people are born to be slaves” and that is the mind of Kartel defenders.

            Mental slaves! fi wha? a few frigging dollars, a plate pon him table, a ride inna him car, a wear offa him clothes/shoes, a plane ride, a picture wid him???? Mean while, LIVES HAS BEEN LOST! curse pon dem who know betta and do wrong. All de tailor fi feel de wrath of the creator because although him ‘free’ him nu innocent…shorty may bare fi har share as a mother wid belly pain.

          3. but mi si smaddy a run in wid di name” moony set it on fire” so we shall hear di next half..Phantom as CNN if a did har bredda dead what she wudda do or say? Dem mek mi sick yoo…separate the man from the music man..is that so hard? dem gallop behind a man whey represent NOTHING positive …him beat di ooman dem and is like nothing to dem to f***..The Jamaican public allow him fi do as him wish…fi di sake a music?????????????

          4. Dem nuh respect Bob Marley no time for what he did but dem quick fi put dem neck pan di block fi Kartel. Nuff Jamaicans nuh have no conscience or scruples fi other people but when dem time come dem want people fi have it fi dem. Every jackass monkey and dog a talk bout when Kartel touch road and not one to say you know I dont support or respect what he stands for..even if him get whey ina court Jamaican people know what him been doing but until something happens to their own a dat time di person wicked..I sorry fi dem…because one ting wid America and Americans..dem full a empathy baddd

          5. CNN A OMAN? and a support dis germs? We society whey oman carry load pon de head fi feed dem young, a society whey oman a madda an fadda since de days a slavery! Oman a defend dis? smh

            Is full damn time censorship’s enforce …NO more Kartel and Saw nasty lyrics (yes others too but them 2 yah pass toilet level).

          6. hayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy memba di jamaican society and di father plight did dash up ina wikileaks is like our own have a stamp pan it..saw she sing what she cannot live by :travel
            I cannot

  12. so hear yah so true di bwoy nuh go inna court …go seh worl loss kill di yte ….him saying that young man beg another man fi beg fi him …………..STRAIGHT MEAN SEH HIM DID A BEG FI HIM LIFE ……UNU WAH MORE DAN DAT ?

  13. Farttel weh so intelligent should a know sey badman and police a no friend.So when him a go pon utube a talk bout him police friend tell him sey.Wrong move bro,no police like fi tell people things and hear back,all a dem will close ranks pon u because u mek di whole force look bad.Again not even police like most of dem own police belive or not.Dem hate dem one another,so what mek u think them a go put above dem,they will do things with u tek u money and sey u a dem friend and turn and kill in a minute.All di XXsquadiee dem come talk di tings.Again all di kertel defenders wey think all a di evidence was going to come out ina one ,unno wake up ,kartel gone upif u kno wha mi mean.kertel did think him a tek up wey Ddus lef off.All u wait pon video unno will soo seet because belive dem hav it.

  14. Met CNN a live ina fairy tale world bout bad man codeand gangster dis.In life is every man fi himself and God fi us all.Him think Kartel na go sing if him see him life infront a him.Weed no have no army like Kartel so wey him a go hide and tek it to kartel.

    1. dat is fairytale and wonderland ina one..if Kartel was willing fi kill one a him own bredda dem..what honor was left fi follow any protocol? so him fi remain loyal to who nuh loyal to him? A di fus mi hear dis

  15. well well i dontreally care if Kartel get out or stay in I just hope he can make all di fvck chunes inna di world dwrl ! Im so over this KARTEL case like how do u actually hold a criminal for 2 damn years before the trial and without the evidence and alll this crazy shit that took place its so stupid all of this shouldve happened when he got locked up everyday missing documents and missing files lmfao just send him weh if a dat a gwaan this drawn out thing is just OLDDDDDDDDDD… but that song on REVEL RIDDIM tun upppppp dwl i only like the music.

  16. Met please tell what kartel sick with am dying to know am even Googling chest pain and rapid weight gain to see what it is a symptom of I just want to hear its something to do with the bleaching :maafaganwati

    1. Ace have him chair pread out a courthouse doorway and de a horizon a night time till court movements a morning time…lol

      Den again him can all de INSIDE a hundred man, gp or horizon because ” birds of a feather flocks together”.

  17. Tommy lee never die in the car crash if he was wearing a seatbelt he would have been crushed to death! <- his own words. Kartel obeah never work kartel is going to jail
    weh yuh seh Met, slim by ah mawnin? yuh nuh hear seh nubaddy nuh see slim and mi nuh kno how him ah go slim wen ppl have it a talk seh kid ralph f**k him and breed him ina jail mek him get fat suh

  18. @ MET AND PHANTOM P, let me try to make my point one more time and confirm how y’all are bias by referring to lets say FLIPPA MAFIA vs USA .We all assume that flippa is a memba of an organize drug smuggling ring,every and anytime when flippa guh jail and get out,dont you all chastize him of being a snitch /informer ? When you are a member of a church, baptize and every thing , and if seeing active @ sting dont you get chaztise for attending such events. so am sayn from weed involve inna gangsta ting him deal wth dis situation di gangsta way, if otherwise, like what he has done , he has flipped, therefore his title is a ‘snitch’ thats the bottom line

      1. you should ask about gangsta to, in Jamaican terms, cause dis importation of foreign gangstas a mad dem.

        Inna yard terms it meant rebel against the system of oppression in order to live. Once you find you way forward you abandon yu affiliation. It neva mean fi eva…afta we a nu Italians and Russian or crips, blood. If you reach 30-40 and still a claim gangsta NOTHING NAH GWAN FI YU all de gang whan fi shake yu ass fi good….lolololollllllllllllllll :bola

      2. a snitch is someone who tells someone in authority about something wrong that someone has done,it could be done secretly as well as publicly which is an identical display of WEED’S action in court

    1. Dear, I am not bias …Me NU LIKE VIBES KARTEL FI NOT ONE THING. If not fi JMG Flippa would be foreign to me and about 1 year and months me de pon yah. Me a ole bad brute, but I have never taken a life, contributed to the loss of life, nor have I corrupted any youths. Therefore, I am free from being bias in this case…me just a HATER OF KARTEL AND EVERY THING HIM STAND FAH…amen

      1. I feel ur pain and hate 4 vybz kartel, but us mankind ,in life makes choices and they all comes with responsibilities and repercussions and i do not condone a bully, hitman or unnecessary murderers, but just accept your title at the end of the day,WEED is a snitch. A matter of fact his name should be ‘WEAK’, he is an insult to that good crop.

  19. Let us plz watch the case before we start to conclude, cause it still not over and decision will be left up the the jurors or the judge if him see it fit. Remember this weed witness nuh get cross examin yet. U might be frighten to see a lot of contradiction comming out. Let us pree the case unbiasly and remember that the man is on trial for this particular crime. . And met mi disagree wid u sentiments as u seem to find the accused guilty already.

      1. just read it..thats very good, and his account of what took place. under cross examination now, the defence is gonna paint a different scenerio, . based on how this man respond and if any discrepance arise or credibility issue, then his testimony might not be as helpful to the crown. very interesting case. mi love it. just want di i dem fi tek it in and nuh cast judgement so quick. mek wi mek up wi mind wen di case close.. that time wi can reach a more fear and accurate verdict.
        if the case did close today after that man tek di stand and defence say dem nuh have no question fi him, kartel and dem yute deh wudda guilty. one person mi sure seh a pray seh dem nuh guilty fi murder a slim, cah if dem guilty fi kill di man. she have a new serious charge fi reach har to…cah nuh dead man she wudda report seh rob har…but wi nah jump it still..mek wi watch an si wah gwaan.

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