10 thoughts on “UNO MAN NUH LIKE DI CHOOT

  1. lol @ di climate, anyman ask how pums feel different just paranoid and a try use sikes cuz trust mi a man can know if him gal just fux. tell him di climate yes

  2. R.I.p Tamara the Redding because a you first try this stunt and the man just stab u kill u.All a who a plan to use the climate excuse plz note Tamara told the man she gave him wet up pu#&$$y.she paid with her very life for that stormy crotches.

  3. Two wrongs do not make a right.Leave the relationship if you are being cheated.If you put a big object in a small hole most likely the hole will expand.Big hood man inna yuh life.

    1. You must dont hear the song…I may not be a lady, but I’m ALL woman.
      Move wid unno reverse psychology bvllshit
      Man have a right, woman have a right too….If you dont hurt me, Mi nah guh hurt yuh

  4. I do believe in revenge in some cases and this is a situation in which revenge sweet yes. Even him homeboy who always eye you and try brush up pon you every chance him get, dash it pon di homeboy meck him get what he been lusting after all dis time.

    Mi read a story how a Chinese billionaire died and him wife married to di chauffeur afta him dead. Di chauffeur tell di newspaper seh all dis time he was looking at it as him working for his boss, but it was really his boss who was working for him :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

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