1. Good morning Met and Metters

    Don’t know what’s going on anymore.
    Black women trying to be light
    Puerto Rican women trying to be white
    White women trying to be dark
    I will never ever try to be like any other race or ethnicity, EVER!

  2. Self – hate is real !!! I mean come on now, why bleach ?? We should love ourselves for who we are. Thank you Dear God for making me in your own image. Thank you for my beautiful black skin !! I love it !!

  3. The dark skinned lady at the end of the video is drop dead gorgeous!!! Best looking one out of all of them!!!!!!!!! Very exotic looking and extremely beautiful; lady, doe eva bleach yuh skin!!!! :rate

    1. Is that I was thinking the whole time I was watching the video. She just pretty and black and talk like she full up of sense

      1. yu know seh mi neva siseh u comment …di oman skin pretty bad …dats y di ediat dem seh browning dem jus nuh know weh fi seh……

  4. @Real stop it bout pretty! she’s not ugly but far from pretty with those black lips..and the next one with the mouthstache. The lady that has the best complexion was the black girl that don’t bleach her skin is beautiful

  5. oh okay Real sorry the blackgirl was at the beginning of the video to I forgot so your right.I was thinking u mean the one with the cardboard over her head

  6. Omg the girl at the end is beautiful, I couldn’t stop staring. I am a woman and I think her face, skin is gorgeous I can’t understand why a man wouldn’t find her attractive.

  7. The dark skin girl is the best looking in the video. They need to use her in the anti bleaching campaigns here. Her black is beautiful and she has the right message. Lovely skin everything. I always think the darkest people have the best skin

  8. Afta we all a brownin…dark an light. Neva see a black person fran I barn. Society wan a rass box.Dwl Kartel a sing “don’t bleach” while di youte a talk bout im bleachin.

    Food for thought….Anyone who bleach or perm dem hair, weave dem head, paint dem face, have false nails pon dem han, bore dem body etc should not condemn bleachers (no I’m not one) cah a no suh yuh barn neidda….does dat mean you don’t love yourself?

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