29 thoughts on “UPSETTA ON THE MOVE

  1. Fr kelly ago school she deh wid ken. Could wait fi the man wife dead fi move in. But all when she deh wid ken she a tek or age or younger man dem. But her “Tumuck” strong cause not even if me a get the world ken couldnt touch me.

  2. How Unnu love watch Kelly so I will never understand. I bet the sender deh a every dance Kelly keep u probably eat at her restaurant everyday. Plus so what if she a mine him she can afford to do so. Full time now unnu come off a di girl name I never see a set a crosses like unnu.

  3. I cant and will not say nothing bad bout Kelly nopes. Nice quiet girl during school days ddnt keep much company either but was very much respected.( sith former humble Kelly) guh truuu! Tek who u feel fi tek!

  4. I’m sorry she need to do better and show some form of respect for the man if you feel like u have to date someone your age group that is only fear but when u have Ken doing so much over and beyond respect is due this girl nuh understand har self but she will learn never take someone for granted karma is a bitch just sit back and let it work no one is hating but Ken is a respectable person so show some respect where it is due stop playing the man and taking his things taking care of another man self respect is every that comes over petsonality.

  5. Jus the truth suh when Ken wife was alive an him a tek Kelly wid har did you give the same advice? I’ll the mean time, f**k til yuh hear a voice seh no more Kelly cause yuh nuh married tuh Ken and even if you eventually do, same how him bun him dead wife a same way him ago bun yuh..Be like Kelly, Kelly is smart an mi nuh know needa she nor Ken but some a unnu woman jus hate fi si when woman a do the same things men do all day

  6. Kelly fi stop it and Mr. Ken’s nuh have nuh children weh can tell him bout har deeds, she willingly tek a married man weh this boy can do fi kelly ? Everybody knows a she a finance him store duntown and much more Kelly have / had other man wid him. She inna the man restaurant is that right, them fi stop play wid man.

  7. all unno senda wehh a hate go suck unno mother wen the man did a bun him wife why unno neva find a way fi tell him its not right kelly do wateva yuh want cause a u the man need and yah mekk good use out of it clap hand to your success and f**k who want a your body sum a unno just nuff up ina ppl life while unno life wah fix sum unno wudnt mind if a unno mussi mr ken did a mine all if him big and stay bad cause a money catch unno eye suck unno mada man a come outta ppl god alone can judge mankind

  8. But look how long Kelly deh wid Banja and Ken kmt unu low the gal no ps (I know none of them) Ken look and a f**k off nuff young gal a portmore so Kelly owes him not one ting tek weh yu can get and gwan true yaw mums.

  9. Unnu chat so much and unnu still don’t know the girl business. Kelly have her man Weh she a mad over and none a unnu don’t know him. Mind unnu business plz.

  10. Lol at simone u killing me we all know she a Whore all who a pick up fi har a look a lunch…hahaha no bra Kelly fi stop Whore full stop how Ken fi Whore if she a say him nah please har well guess what borndon and tec har things giving it to a next gal clown fi clown a yeah so nice

    1. A must you a look a lunch bet seh u did a try fren Kelly an she not even look pon you. You sound hurt bad. Come off a the girl name now man ole crowbait. Badmine ago kill unnu.

  11. A so much man Kelly have?? Mi still like her but she need to lock that restaurant down cause everybody say the food dont eat good included me.

    1. That is what she needs to invest in a dam good chef and build her brand, ungratefulness wuss than witchcraft because Mr. Kens build Kelly point blank period and what she expected if him cheat pon him wife to be with you he will cheat on you as well!!!!!!!!! She want to have her cake and eat it.
      Man school yuh, give yuh an establishment that is his and yuh tun roun da diss man fi waste man !!!!!Banjan love likes cah a regular she beat him, everyone in portmore knows this. Kelly beat Banjan cah him tek the vehicle weh crash wah day and driving it up and down inna portmore and she Kelly gave him a beating for it …unnu fi be fair if yuh don’t want the man no more leave the man and stop disrespect the man so, cah we all know if Mr. ken’s never rate Kelly she wouldn’t be there so!!!!!
      Kelly memba the room yuh sexing Banja in a Mr. Ken’s money build it….

  12. seems like da sender yah wah sex ina the room weh mr ken build sender a hope a your money build your house and a nuh rent yah pay cause everybody affi sex ina somebody establishment whats your point boo boo wi nuh business bout kelly and har dolly house life but the gal a mek good use outta it sender get your self a job and i hope its not board house yuh live in damn ass har get a man build one fi yuh cause everything ppl do now a days a problem

  13. Tbh nuh matter how u comment an like kelly picture on instagram if u not in the fame she dont answer or even try like bck urs like kelly u still local remember where u coming from u hve some young girls weh kill dem self fi go at ur dance but wheneva we keep a party no support from you,ur still local an to me yu nuh really hot like the gal dem a new york mi nuh see u in a red bottom

  14. Jelly f**k down portmore and maxfiled spade man dem call kelly pussy world pool she f**k one don a maxfiled then go f**k him friend the man seh jelly cah find 3 million the bank about fi tek weh kens business because him owe the bank nuff money Kelly broke Nuh f**k now a brow she haffi a brow the other day she call a gal fi Mek the gal Len har 3, 000 Doller mi tun round an seh a suh she bruck no sah Kelly smart in terms of education but she f**k both man an woman Nuh Mek she trick yuh Tracy har big Fren weh live a England is har f***g buddy when she land all a town man dem no Kelly pussy remmber a tony Matterhorn first bus Kelly Mek we all no har f**k har and give har a hype but she did think she did ago get visa fi Deh America but a trick him trick har no sah Kelly file stink a Waterford she use to f**k Mikey pepal before him dead when she did a play netball she love man suck har pussy plus she Deh wid shit head breeda Benny police soon come up a kens a look fi him cause a she funs the money fi the gun dem him have this is facts about Kelly no make up stories and kens was looking Chinell Upsetter first but Chinell see seh him too ugly so she push Kelly to Deh wid him fi har file old and stink a road pussy well known

  15. Dat bowy don’t want Kelly him inna mi Fren DM like crazy she ain’t even want him don’t worry a dick or a dime please kens kids dem a big people they hate Kelly they don’t like her one bit is oldest is 32 him can’t stand the bitch kens and the bank inna serious problems cause him owe the bank crazy cash he don’t own the business place the bank does he got lil money ntn big so no one need kens but Kelly she have a man a New York weh funs her needs don’t get trick

  16. Well Kelly very kind loving person please leave her she takes from the rich and feeds the poor help the sick an the people who’s in need let God be the judge at least she has a roof over her head Kelly life your life to the fulliest

  17. Kelly pussy well known. She has a man for every purpose…one to spend on her, one to par with in the parties and har gun man at Waterford to defend her.

  18. Poor kelly day in day out dem try bring her down. She is such a strong girl. Mi know a banja gyal dem a tek set pon her just because him lov her. Gwaan tru kelly ur such a nice pretty girl.

  19. Well well not Kelly hole I’m talking she’s a good girl gone bad , she’s loyal to what an who she knows brought up by a single parent dad died early well educated unlike the rest of the upsetters she’s blessed with looks and her shape bottom anyway Mr Kens help her a far way an still is so she won’t leave him because he done so much for her but she’s young and trying to promote her self in what she does promoting events etc she helps a lot these people around her she a very lovely person with a good ❤️ If she wasn’t so kind she would’ve bean a very rich girl why don’t all you haters just raise the bar a little higher and try to achieve something or do better Kelly AK Apple Bottom continue to do you

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