Hmid Pinky cause I don’t see nobody asking so let ma nosey a§s go ahead and do so…ask the wallers what’s going on in Upper Saint Anjuuu?? The uptown Rebecca’s are at war. It’s the cussing in standard English for me. Team Toni or Dani?? Is Dani sleeping with popskull as in the unruly boss? And the ppl want to know why miss lady who is getting married and her podcast bestie aint apart of the bridal party?? Why everyone getting proposal bags and not her too.. y’all aint friends no more?? Twitter wants to know 👀

One thought on “UPTOWN BACK AT AGAIN

  1. Likkle hood Pappi caan stop mek it stray? Money sure is a helluva aphrodisiac. Stick a pin! Him kind to woman cuz men saying him mean

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