A man caught on CCTV urinating into two female work colleagues’ water bottles has been ordered to pay them £1,500 compensation.
James Tainsh’s bosses set up the hidden camera after the women complained bottles they had left on their desks “smelled funny”.
A court heard that the conduct had been going on for some time before Tainsh was apprehended.
A sheriff told the 64-year-old his behaviour was “absolutely disgusting”.
Tainsh, of Braehead, Stirling, was caught on CCTV taking empty water bottles and used cups out of a bin, urinating in them, and putting them back on female workers’ desks.
He was also seen taking an empty chewing gum container out of a bin, performing a sex act with it, and putting it on one of the women’s desks.
Falkirk Sheriff Court heard that two female workers at the firm had complained that items on their desks were being interfered with after they had gone home.
‘Significant sexual element’
Prosecutor Samanatha Brown said: “The inference was that the women may well have drunk out of bottles affected.
“What drew their attention was that bottles that had been left on their desks had been moved

Tainsh admitted committing a breach of the peace in October.
The court ruled the offence contained a “significant sexual element”.
Simon Hutchison, defending, said Tainsh had lost his job at the firm, where he had worked for 22 years.
Sheriff Derek Livingston said: “His attitude to the offence seems to be almost one of justification; that it’s one of the women’s fault because he thought she was flirting with him.”
Mr Hutchison said: “Or flirting with someone else, and he wasn’t happy about it.”
Sheriff Livingston ordered Tainsh to carry out 200 hours of unpaid work and pay the women compensation.
Tainsh was also placed under supervision and on the sex offenders register for three years.
Sheriff Livingston told him: “I am very tempted to impose a custodial sentence, your behaviour was absolutely disgusting.”

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