Inquiring minds want to know how Kasi feels seeing and missing this stabbings. Like what goes through a first lady mind sitting at home and your boss man is just out there

25 thoughts on “USAIN REALLY DID A GWAAN

  1. Still blaming Kasi for Bolt’s bad behaviour? Him act like a leggo beast, country come a town, never see come see. It’s all on him. But keep blaming Kasi I guess.

    1. Clearly your dumbass can’t read with understanding, no blame was put on Kasi. It was a question of how does it feel to see him behaving like this?

    2. That’s why people should learn how to read with understanding, anon 7:57, where did you get that the sender was blaming Kasi? Because Kasi a yuh fren yuh just run een and didn’t take the time to read it properly.

  2. lol, one poppy show I tell ya, men will be men unu have understand that, but you can’t be fi mi man own and cum like dat. praying for you kasi, because the eyes dem don’t lie and we can see the pain all inna ya eyes dem.

    1. Don’t waste your prayer on her, God might smite you, you should pray for the girls, old people and everyone that is suffering in Jamaica, Kasi does not care, she’s getting the little fame from being associated with Bolt and that’s all she wants. If she cared she could have left a long time ago or demand that she get better treatment but her eyes is just on the MONEY. Just like how Kirstin demanded better and left when her demands were not met, kasi could have done the same thing but noooo, she’s more interested in fame, he could shit on her and she would smile and grin like an idiot. Enjoy your life Bolt and f**k them all because if you were not rich and famous none of them would want you, including Kasi.

  3. Serious note tho, everyone has joined together to speak out against violence towards women and kids. I have not heard or seen usain say anything on this subject. (That i know of ) Nothing on his Instagram page. Neither has kasi for that matter, again I could be wrong.

    Would be lovely for him lend his presence to this cause.

    1. Kasi does not have time for that, she’s too busy trying to friend every Z lister on Instagram, she wants to be famous so bad. Do you see who she is trying to invite to Jamaica? Lira Galore, who has just released a sextape in order to become famous. Lira has f**ked so many rappers and none has wifed her and i doubt she is 23 as yet. That’s all Kasi is interested in.

  4. Leave the young man, let him enjoy his wealth. Sender, Kasi does not give a f**k because she doesn’t love Bolt so his antics doesn’t bother her. She loves his MONEY, as long as her name is attached to him and she’s getting the little fame she cares zero because that’s all she wants. No woman that loves a man would allow him to treat her like that over and over in the public eye and she just smiles. Someone asked her and she said it’s a boy trip and let them shell down Trinidad, she has zero shame and Bolt knows that she doesn’t love him.

  5. If kasi is all for helping kids and such. She need fi put on a T shirt over the fake breast dem and go march too in a stance against violence against the kids. A only carnival u care bout ?

    1. Now that you say it she just might go to show that she cares, when in reality she just want the praise from her followers. That’s why she took the pic with the kids, just for the praise. if she doesn’t get to go to carnival, I think she would literally die, she can’t wait because she wants to send the pictures to Daily mail for them to say “Usain’s girlfriend at carnival.”

  6. First lady????? :ngakak :ngakak dem senda yah outta control today a swear lol..First lady of di new breed a ediot gal. She get more foo fool yah now cause she join plkastic club… dem nuh see how much ppl nuh come back from unda di knife…

    1. Remember is Usain said she was his first lady. She never gave herself that title unlike many on social media calling themselves wife and goodas.

  7. “It’s just dancing.” “It’s the culture.” That’s what she and her fans always say on the blogs.

    Lira and Kasi? I guess they bonded over bad breast implants.

  8. Met Lira Galore is a next instagram famous thot. She used to deh with Rick Ross. Kasi have no ambition whatsoever if those are the type a females she want to associate with. All dem body plastic and watch an see Kasi go do di batty next.

    1. But Lira is a hoe so what Kasi looking for? Lira maybe do brazilian lift but she did always have bottom

  9. To the person saying Kasi is linking with Lira Galore, you must take the time to read and understand twitter. Lira never spoke to Kasi and I doubt she knows Kasi exists.

    Lira Galore tweeted to a woman name Vanessa (Vida Bella) and nuff ass Kasi commented on what Lira said.

    The Vida Bella girl (z list ig famous thot) is the one who replied back to Kasi and made plans with her to come carnival. When you “reply” to a tweet a creates a follow up post and @ everyone, including the person who wrote the original post. So comes Kasi and Lira name end up in a single post.

    Lira never acknowledged Kasi and probably never will. Rebecca and Bolt is the closest Kasi will ever come to anyone famous or known. The person Kasi is begging friends is a nobody, known only for showing her naked ass on IG


  10. Exactly met, lira is way better looking than rebecca to me. Something about rebecca just always look off ….

    1. I wasn’t talking about who’s prettier I was comparing their thotness and thirst level. Rebecca is as much a thot as Lira.

  11. Rebecca needs to hurry up and get wifed because her money makers (pussy, mouth, breast, ass) are getting run down now.

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