Some Jamaican women are now eager to get their hands on a new product being sold online called Jo’s Sure Shrink, which is a vaginal tightening and toning cream.

But instead of using it on their privates, the women intend to smear the vaginal cream on their faces hoping it will tighten their skin and eliminate wrinkles. This comes after learning that women in the United Kingdom (UK) are engaging in the practise to get youthful skin. According to an article published on ‘The Daily Mail’, some women received free samples of the cream and began experimenting on their wrinkled faces. They shared their results on social media claiming the cream works “better than botox”. Now, some Jamaican women said they are planning to purchase the cream, which retails on Amazon for PS12.90 or just over J$2,000.

starts wrinkling

“Mi want it come here because me want my face tight too like how the bleaching a mash it up, me want to tighten it up back. Since it available online mi a go order it,” 34-year-old Sheron O’Hare, a hairdresser in downtown, Kingston, told THE STAR. “It don’t dangerous, from it make fi go inna the vagina, it can’t dangerous.” Luceana Thomas, 22, said she has no use for the cream now, but would try it the moment she starts wrinkling.

“Suppose when me reach 60 me still wah look young? Mi woulda try it dem time deh,” she said. But Nadine Powell, 43, along with multiple other women, shunned the practise calling it “crazy”. Powell however told THE STAR she knows many ‘bleachers’ who would readily try it.

“These young women who mash up them face with the bleach already will try anything to bring it back.” Dermatologist Dr Carol Burrell of SkinnZ Dermatology explained that based on the product’s ingredients, it would only offer a bit of moisture to the skin. She advised women with damaged skin to seek professional help.

“There is nothing in the product to tighten the skin. Those women who have damaged their skins need to come and see the Dermatologist so we can prescribe creams that will stimulate collagen, because it’s the loss of collagen which causes the wrinkling,” she advised.

8 thoughts on “VAGINA CREME FOR FACE

  1. Good Day Met,Mettters,Peepers nd Others….

    Just done read dis ova suh nd was like dese phuck’n women need to go find a damn trade or school guh nd learn something cuz dis shit right here a get from bad to worst,from cake-soap to raw bleaching powder to toothpaste to curry to ackee to volume 40 now pus-c cream …yuh follow dem de govament ban everything cuz dem put it all on the fac then walk round like snow eva fall a jamaica kmft

  2. Wonder when the bleachers really expose dat pretty skin they work so hard on? Dem always cover up or shedding skin. I am so confuse .

  3. just like roach and snake dem shed kin, must be awful when having sex whole lot a rubbing going on and lef dem kin eena people bed hair used to be the problem wen new gal come over now a skin ewww

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