1. //_____________________________no sah wat a man can cuss ppl …mi nuh know weh las vegas go tek UP DI BLACK CONTINENT fah caw yu know bounty mouth full a words…weh him nuh know ..he JUST MAKE IT UP LMAO

  2. Two Mama Lashies !!!!!!at them best, see why Dancehall is so corrupted, it full a too much badmind, pride, gossip and undacova batty man. Everyone think dem a di best. The truth of the matter is, the pie is more than big enuh fi all a wi. Two big grown ass men actinh like 10 yr old gyals siddy!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Bounty didnt block Vegas Bounty said “Mi naah block him mi waah hear everything he has to say about me I can attest to anything a guy says about me!”

    1. unu know seh bounty a mi dj but he love di mix up …because by a evening he going to give us some new details we did not know about LOST VEGAS …..unu wait fi di shellings lol

  4. Bwoy Vegas can trace like dem big cratches gyal when him ready…Bounty shouldn’t have posted the pic-leave people alone…but di letter weh Vegas write was overkill.

  5. cross angry :ngakak vegas leave bounty alone everybody u cuss :hoax2 bounty u suppose to know better stop argue with vegas he is not on your level ;

    1. Bounty know him and Vegas a nuh fren. Unno eva si any artist from anywhey a clown out a next smaddy ina di same music business especially when dem is not fren?

      1. MOrning MET it never did a fi reach so far Vegas havea hidden agenda mek every ting dem love talk bout money so? Vegas a gwaan likek him a d richest ting any ting whe happen to Rodney can happen to any body so mek Vegas gwaan exhault himself. N MEt u mussi never did run da clip de but me never see Rodney a bawl pon stage to d fish dem MET u eed fi find da clip de cause me always say Rodney stand up fi whe him believ in a as fi Vegas n d rest a dem whe wi sell out dem soul fi vanity n money

        1. Morning ppl business mi nuh have no comment an vegas and di tailing because we will all agree pan dat ..Him nuh lef nothing but if u and smaddy nuh talk u nah tek no form a jeering from dem.

          1. which is right we n a go tek no body a go roun we but OMG man it not even dat serious mek dem so childish fi big man?? even Rodney to whe him screenshot n pation d angle fa?? lol na lie it funny but as me say it not even dat serious fi d 2 big ole man dem pon d ppl dem social meadia a behave like an ass, N VEGAS WE KNO U A READ U ARE TOO PETTY N MONEY DE FI EVERYBODY MEK NO JUS U I ONLY HOPE YEARS FR NOW U STILL HAVE U MONEY N WHEN U DEAD DEM BURY U MONEY WID U, later MET me a get ready fi d ppl dem work

      2. YU NUH siseh bounty a provoke Lost Vegas………because him have some info pon Vegas weh him wah dash out……….go si bounty sidung a write and Claudia a type out baxide whoiii

      3. Metty some a di rapper dem do it to

        No just di other day Gucci mane wid him mad head go pon line want dun Nicki Mina’s , Tyga and dem

        R & b do it to Tamar Braxton and k Michelle was going at it a few weeks

        Dem have too much time pon dem hands and mi hate fi see 2 so call man a trace pon the web. Fasihole ting dat

  6. Since Shelly seh Vegas caan read, mayb him a dictate him words n d phone a type dem. Tracing buckkkkkk wid 2 well known tracers

  7. I don’t see the problem…Bounty made a joke and it was funny…Vegas does look ridiculous in the photo…why Vegas a gwaan like Bounty hurt his feelings fah…. :ngakak :ngakak

  8. A don’t know who tell Faygas say him a di shit if it good fi the goose it good fi I gander the other day when him meck di speech bout Chronixx him n the man anno fren either Faygas go find u balls whey Shelly n di docta man surgically remove inna di couch damn puxxy kmft


  10. bounty and vegas need fi stop the foolishness, who di f**k cuss bout how much ppl follow dem? lef dat fi some giddy head ppl. and sometime ppl have some balls and tell bounty fi stop follow up weh ppl say, is like him emotional like Vegas, ppl a get tired a dem and dem foolishness now.. dem just a watch dem one anther so, and none a dem naa come up with a billboard hit, bounty fi just see certain ting weh ppl say bout him and ignore it sometimes cause bounty killa love trouble ppl to, dem a 40 nuhhteen soon fifty and look how dem a gwaan careless

  11. UNO a kuss Vegas when UNO must play fair. Net I agree with u they are both childish . Bounty
    Disturb why shouldn’t Vegas answer him. If me and a person don’t deal and he / she do that of course I will answer . I don’t wrong Vegas fi answer. That’s why flippa diss bounty in a him song bcz him love f**k wid people and when ppl f**k with h a problem.

  12. Isn’t it 1 year now since Gaygas watch the video wid Shelly a ride of the Dr koki????
    Gaygas yuh a re-live the events of that un-faithful day???!!! Unuh never see him on 106 & Park whey day looking like a real GAYGAS. I cannot stand him that BITCH ass. Done him Bounty done him and talk whey yuh really want fi sey about him.

  13. Bad to bad Met this very childish but Vegas a gwaan real bad.. Vegas talk a bag a things a hope them stop though and no take it too far

  14. Vegas gone loud up did ting …mi seh vegas fava wah man weh mi know and a same so di man have dat bitchy look pon him face …..and full ahim ugly self and gwaan like him and good oman a companion

  15. I am sure gaygas is a batty man, mi nah ask no questions, no if or buts about it, is just tru mi cyan badda wid people bizniss , my mother tell me seh ,what don’t concern yuh leave it alone, any way mi just a come, so shout out to Met, and all the Metters and peepers. Bounty a mi DJ, but him need to simmer down, cause this only mek him look bad as man arguing with a rrreeeeaalll fish, cause that is exactly what Mr. Vegas is.

  16. Why is it not surprising that bounty start back pan vegas case right afta vegas appear pan b.e.t?? Bounty, lo badmind now nuh star???? Bumbaaat star, yo try stap vegas career and mek di man haffi re-buss afta him did done buss aready. Now di man career a go well and your career inna one well and yo start agen???!!
    Real Talk 😡

  17. Every time bounty talk shit bout a artiste and di artiste defend demself, bounty follawas ready fi call the man who a defend himself batty man!! Bounty a di biggest mixup, bitchass, badmind, love hate pan artiste weh a do well, bumbohole inna dancehall. Bounty a man tracer and womanbeater..
    Real Talk 😡

  18. BOUNTY a mi dj but him need fi stop ,vegas nuh deh pon bounty level in my opinion,but that Damion name bounty used to me struck vegas nerves something seems fishy

  19. vegas is not on bounty level……….ucla jazz/reggae festival is di biggest one day reggae festival in n. america affiliated with a school….., vegas has been there twice……even ele and movado were there once each……bounty has been there never…………and decidedly those who support bounty tend to have his same level of intelligence and education……………..go figure…….

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