Mi nuh really care whey nobody seh mi really cannot feel good when any Jamaican whey nuh murder or so some outlandish bad thing go jail. I really feel for Sidonie and more for her little girl .
When Jamaicans abroad go to their pretend parties in their 95 % stolen outfits they portray to Jamaicans in Jamaica that life is easy here. Drugs only lead to two things; jail or the cemetery . Do not leave Jamaica and come here to live with anyone you know is involved with the selling of drugs. The risk is not worth it because there is no guarantee of your freedom or your life.


  1. drugs selling mi no condone but if a dat to u tink mi naw knock di hustle.

    a nuff in di streets peeps do dem ting , stack and do dem ting (house, biz, share $$ wid others .. Ray Tay Tay) den leggo di game and a live good BUT whey get dem over deh so a di flossing whey tun up till it buk… .. Or tun over

    U draw too much attention to u self when u just a gwanie gwanie so and no have nuttin legal fi show whey u a get u $ fi a floss so

    Dem alphabet boys Sid dung pon you tube , twitter, Facebook and di rest a dem site deh like whoa all a come a di same dance and a blend in and a pree

    Mi no wish jail or prison pon mi worst enemy but a whey dem portray out deh come back fi bite dem


    1. Mi neva know flippa bredda was so young..oh gosh man, that is not the life..also two girl did pregnant fi him so now there are 3 children without a father smh

  2. Sidonie no elephant man baby mother? If yes a who have her daughter cause the last time me hear say a Toni ann have her and Matterhorn never stop buss liberty pon them

  3. Met mi nah feel sorry fi Sidonie nope no no no, Sidonie had a job here in Jamaica was even doing her party now and then. why the hell tru Hype she gaaan make them messed up decisions yah fi wah hype life, No No. PPL fi wise up the price of fame fi wah floss inna dance smh. Sidone would still be her work har 9-5 and find a likkle man and mek life.

    1. Mi still feel a was getting hard for her in ja and remember by the time u done run u body round di small circle and reach 25 di pedophiles dem call u old and there is so much man u can tek. Ele neva did a mine di baby now Sidonie get lock up smh, hats off to Toni Ann if she still have di lil girl and mi nuh tink mr horn wud be so rude fi jus a bus libbaty so fi no reason

      1. Met mi know whole heap a yung girl weh life ruff pon dem get a buss go foreign go try till dem reach and nuh run down hype…mi memba she was on video at flippa party well hype on microphone oh yea…….Met, Jamaica is not as hard as how nuff ppl mek it seems, (hear mi) if yuh have ambition and nuh inna di hype life weh yuh nuh affi a try keep up wid the Dancehall scene yuh will do fine. Them fi stop live inna arpartment weh a dun dem pay a month time fi sey them hype..stop go shop unnu money stop buy Brazilian hair fi sey unnu a hot gyal..and the list goes on and on mi tired a some a dem well a live a lie fi hype

          1. ISPY. . . I spy smaddy weh talk wid sense and have har head pon har body, everything you wrote was the truth. But @ MET, I have to agree wid you too, mi feel bad, cuz prison time nuh nice, especially cause she have kids.

        1. tell trhem ispy a the truth u a talk nuff a dem need fi listen to u advice, make dem know what life’s about eeeedat dem

      2. Omg me feel it fi her she did whoring but she was a trying mother she try to give that little baby everything but no met me did hear say a some money arguement when Matterhorn send fi the money cause sidonie never really a gwaan with nothing and Ele say him naw send none cause sidonie could and leave the baby a him Madda or Sushauna. So Matterhorn class who fi get class Me ago ask back the full story and make you know cause me no wah lie

      3. Met ppl makes mistake in life, something have to happen to them for them to say it is enough. me feel away fi dem to me naa lie worst them children.

  4. That is so true. It is really stupid for these guys to take all the risk in the hustling game to make money only to squander it and don’t have nothing to show for it. Then you have the greedy people lilike Buju Banton, I know a popular business man and I can’t believe how he is all up in that world and he don’t need to be because at the blink of and eye you can lose it all for not satisfying with what you have reputation everything down the drain!

  5. But sidonie and kamar A baby …. Now what’s Marsha real name . All a flippa ppl inna bind including him.

  6. i feel it for Sidonie regardless of whatever as met said she dont kill nobody and she have a young daughter

    cant be a nice feeling to be sitting in a jail cell so far and alone and away from friends family and the life you knew

    to be away from her one baby cant feel good

    MET do you know what her charges are ? or any idea when she will be released ?

  7. That’s very sad Sidonie got caught up.I hope nasty Elephant man helping out!
    Met do you know how much time she got?

  8. I hope all these dancehall people take heed to what’s going on here…The lifestyle is not worth it, they’re being taken down one by one..

    1. Good luck, them anno the first and them never learn. See if them did a hustle and never did a hype and dem get hold mi would feel bad real bad, but no them a hustle pon me same one weh a try wid my 9-5 sleep freely at nights piece a JOB!!!!!!!!

    2. Dem nah go stop, n e ting fe fame n fortune. Dem neva did ah ting bout tomorrow, just the present. Sad to say because bad to bad Sidonie was an “alright” person. But ah de live she choose….simple.

  9. Just a general statement here in response to someone getting arrested for being involved in the drugs trade. ” them nuh kill nuh body”. Selling drugs is a bad thing, because , bidders and thousands of people over dose and die from it yearly. Mothers get strung out and abandon their children to hardship or trade their kids for drugs. Innocent lives get lost when drug dealers are fighting over territory or robbery. Ex. Teenage girl sleeping over best Fren house, didn’t know that the parents was dealing, robbers went in and slaughter the entire household, the innocent teen Fren included. So yes dealing drugs is just as bad as taking up a gun and shooting someone directly.

    1. Im sure us Jamaican’s are referring to weed when we say drugs. Weed kill’s no one! People do not get strung out on weed nor does it cause parents to abandon their children etc. Yes the other chemical infused drugs out there are horrible but just to clarify… If you are a drug dealer selling weed I personally see nothing wrong with it people just have to be wise and get out when they get the chance.

      1. When them did kill the man off a Springfield and him two sisters dem and rob them in a 2000, weh unnu think it was ? WEED. Anything illegal comes with violence.

  10. No man is what this? Me just ask met bout sidnnoy way day. What is this. Oooooo. No man. Left that pretty little girl baby. Me tired fi tell the woman them no love the hype too much. U will dead in deh. What u saying. Jail!!! Sidony? Look how she use to gwaan like she a print money. So she get fired fr the radio. Me feel fi her. Met what happen to d daseca man she use to a par wid.

  11. Her bologna has a first’s O.S.C.A.R….her bologna has a last’s M.A.Y.E.R….Mtty mi naah try poke fun at the situation bit far as mi seet she chose dancehall over her baby girl…hope she like prison food :cd

      1. Ispy me is a single madda wid 2 pickney suh mi know bout hard life and den some but one thing I’ve always promised to vow for my kids n’ myself… Not I, wi duh nutten weh ago risk me losing my 2 babies, my freedom nor my life cause them right there always make me think of the consequences before any action presented to me. Nuff hustling come my way by when mi think bout losing my kids mi jus pass pon it. Mi love my putus and puncie til death do us part. People fe stop mek excuse fe hype and vanity life…

        1. too hype Yep, too hype. when yuh live way beyond yuh means, yuh ago want the quick cash fi show off. she was not thinking about her child am sorry. I am not leaving my child with no dam fren fi run off wuss gyal pickney. Nope mi nah do it. God bless my mada weh get countless opportunities fi go weh and she never tek it cah she sey she nuh want nobody come abuse wi, in no shape or form and we never have it like that oh.

          1. All when mi have up my good good money it naah guh show ca mi nuh want nuh champagne friends suh me wi continue fe cut ah guh chue. Mek dem tan deh, dancehall a fidem world. I love mine… The real world. It hard yes, but nutten good worth keeping nuh come easy…

          2. Why should I feel bad for her when you, Metty, miself and the countless other women on ya and out deh didn’t make the same choices that Sidonia made and raising kids wasn’t and still isn’t a bed of roses? Do you know how it makes me feel when my kids are mad at me over the simplest slip ups like eating the last piece a homemade Mac n’ cheese and dem vex suh til mi mek a nex pan? Suh Ispy you imagine the hurt and pain dem wi feel if mama gone a prison o a drugs, etc. when a child hurts deeply ou feel like pig shyt and I wouldn’t want to inflict that kind of pain on my children…

          3. yep mi understand whey u and other a seh but dat nah go mek mi feel any less bad..mi still feel a way..

  12. Me in shock a me just post. Met u say life was getting hard but remember she had a job man. No man. She cud stay there good links come in more time at the radio station them man. She cud a go catch 2 more man. Them won’t hear. Them love show off too much. She cud not a suffer that much. Long eye n craven

  13. I don’t feel sorry at all…every person involved in drugs know the risk they take…she gambled and she lost…end of story.

  14. Im hearing all different kind of story im so confused what exactly happened. Where did flippa get ketch?how boat drop enn? Did he get ketch reentring I thought he was areddi in fl.
    Is flippa sick? In the head or otherwise? Sooo confuse mayne

      1. Met mi just feel this hold thing is a dam cover up, fi him feds dealing. Dont think flippa is that stupid at all. Him a play fool fi ketch wise.

      2. Metty stop feel bad fidem cause a nuff hungry belly dem coulda feed and educate wid di money dem use fe tek bath in a club and polish them red bottoms wid. And all of that for what?… What??? Ansolu disgusting and upsetting if you ask me…

  15. Met, can you clarify something for me please…Is this the same Marsha who is Flippa woman because I am seeing you guys referring to her a elephant baby mother to.

  16. Question I want to ask is this how Sidonie and Flippa became such good frens though ? any philly ppl on here care to tell ? Cah mi know Flippa and Elephant did have a likkle beef

    1. Sidonie call flippa her brother

      and bobbie and flippa were together at some point

      and sidonie and bobbie are friends

      but to me flippa move way closer to sidone than bobbie so i always wondered how dem so close

  17. Me no feel sorry fi none a dem they are all grown people they were very much aware that doing illegal acts comes with consequences when you get caught and nuff more jamaican girls need to wise up life is not all about having a hype man as UNO call it and man wey a dash wey champagne Pon dem in a dance never see a more stupid thing so lucky me Is a girl that’s not amused by those foolish things flippa claim him so rich wey him and Marsha no use the money wey dem have stock and pile and start a business and make that money work for them and get out of this wrong doings

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