1. Every year.. Im sick of this man now always seeking someone to be relevant off smh good it up get a ghost writer to write you some music or something

  2. Vegas is an example of a good man and one that teen boys should attempt to emulate to some degree.

    Him go through public humiliation and rise above it 100%.

    Love you Vegas :kiss

    1. Ikr! After watching this video, my respect for him turn up high. The amount of abuse and threats that her got from the lost sheep dem is unreal. It’s like they cant understand the context in which he answered the question. I loved the part about children and idols especially.

  3. Kmt mi neva see one grease can inna every bangarangs mi barely see lady saw cause she lef dancehall behind ….him lef dancehall an in deh more dan b4 oh please sit down… youth back up cause mi nuh know a wah duh yuh… chat too much man. If mi a Christian certain things mi naw involve inna cause mi wouldn’t even want deh round di energy.

  4. Warn dem Vegas, dem is a set a vipers and disgrace to the human race- dat bwaay Kartel is a demon weh di devil letgo pan country. Evil bastard..
    Dem yah pickney nowadays weh mi a see yah, mi nuh know a weh dem come from, sometimes it hard fi believe is another human being carry dem come yah, caz from dem crown a dem head to the tip a dem toe is as evil as it comes – God have mercie pan us all becaz if this a di next ginjaration..

  5. I’m glad he gave his life to God, everything won’t change at once but he is moving in the right direction. Vybz kartel continues to cause confusion and destruction among our people. He has used his god given to stir up evil and create more demons. God bless you all on your journey for Christ

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