So I was at the white and excitement last night and Robbas you have too much battyman or as you say gay friends for dem not to tell you say you was looking a hot mess last night. You try imitate Nikki and you fail bad. You don’t look good. Running around with that stupid looking top with your breast out and flopping big time. GQ could a tell you say that neva look good at all or you top gay friend Bryan. Why Robbas why.. you flop big time. Everybody looking at you and a chat you last night. The boots and bag nice bad, but you outfit flop. Cover up the breast it is not a good look. Pleaaswee and thonks.

18 thoughts on “ROBBAS YOU CANNOT

  1. I really wish met never post her time for us to ignore them and bring them back to size cause she really feel like she somebody and we need to show that man seh she need pink wall cause nobody wouldn’t know him

  2. She reach when the party done. Is not like say a surprise party har man keep fi she say she neva know an did affi guh get ready. A couldn’t clothes mek she late cause she allegedly have on the same top weh nicki minaj have (unless a mek she mek fi har own an when she reach it neva fit good) an a worst couldn’t hair cause nuttn nuh technical bout the do. Robbas yuh muss waah chop off yuh foot wen yuh see dolly wear the same boots guh pon date and yuh swear tink it did a be a premiere inna yuh man dance lmfaooooo. Y’all look stupid.

  3. Bad drag please stop it. You stay bad. You need to go back in hiding bitch! Girl it doesn’t matter what you have on you cannot fix. FYI- the boy that Faffy is f**king on White plains rd was in the party girl.

  4. She needs to stop trying to dress like Apple with the naked business that is Apples thing be your own person

  5. Robert this don’t look good. I don’t care how much you pay for your clothes it stay bad. Bad drag them cut you a raw deal. I’m convinced Girl a mek you look like a man suh? What happened? Apple clothes looks cheap but she look cheap and clean. Apple hair and make up looks good.

  6. Mi neva know ah suh Robbas sexy di lady luk great shi don’t need Daffy for nuting omg y shi choose di lifestyle dat she’s living Robbas do something positive with yuh life get from di darkside don’t waste it yuh luk better than everybody in the dance u only live once and life is short!!

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