Veteran dancehall artiste Mr Vegas has blasted Alkaline and Tony Matterhorn for their behaviour in dancehall with his remix of Avicii’s single, ‘Wake Me Up’.

The remix sees Mr Vegas replicating the chorus and melody of the Avicii track, but adding his own twist of controversial verses.

The artiste said he does not approve certain changes that are taking place in dancehall’s culture and singled out Alkaline’s devil endorsement and Tony Matterhorn’s wig wearing saga as two low blows in dancehall.

Matterhorn was bashed recently by popular selector Nasheen Fire for wearing a female wig on Instagram and asking a man to come for his dinner. While Alkaline has made references to the devil in his song, Bruck Out, where he sings. “Tonight every gyal a tun a devil, tun a heathen, tun a john crow”.

Mr Vegas said other persons have been discussing the topics, however, he just thought it fit to put it in a song. The artiste also said he is not looking for a clash with any artiste and only aims to send a message through the song.

‘wig-wearing’ saga

“These are topics that everyone speak about on a daily. I just put it in my song for my mixtape. I was waiting for Matterhorn to go luu. Anybody weh so nuff, always kill them own self,” he said about Matterhorn’s ‘wig-wearing’ saga on youtube.

As for Alkaline and other up-and-coming artistes, Mr Vegas warned, “My advice is, stop mocking God in your music. If your music is good, people will get it, a blue movie can’t break a wack song either.”

“Hurry come up nah pay nuh dues, Alkaline dun sey a di devil him a choose, give him time because him just confuse, God is real. Tommy Lee neva mek the death news … Matterhorn dress up inna wig like him play two, and a call a man inna him bedroom that’s so luuu,” are some of the lines Mr Vegas aimed at his fellow artistes.

Efforts to get follow-up comments from Tony Matterhorn and Alkaline were unsuccessful. However, Matterhorn had said in an Instagram post that males who were bashing his wig wearing stunt were simply jealous of the leverage he has on Instagram.

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  1. Morning Met n Metters. Yes iya, dis should be interesting, 2 Mumma Lashy at it. Vegas caan cuss Matty bout wig wearing when him did wear him big afro wig n bell foot pants pon tv pon Rising Star n ketch fits when Killa point it out
    Dem ya artiste js a try stay relevant

    1. Same thing mi seh…wen bounty lash out at him everyone say bounty playing dancehall police…guess vagas turn dandehall commissioner lol

  2. Fi once mi a gree wid yuh vegas….. but somtime mi feel like wi a fight a losing bakkle since all di f***kry weh a gwaan di wig wearing, devil worshiping, etc is supported by mostly women smfh

  3. A can’t Vegas a talk bout wig kmrt, a don’t know if a hypocrisy or just plain double standard , pot a cuss kettle black. No him did Ina Afro wig last yr n claim a skit him did a do? So no skit Matterhorn a do? Unu just badmind because After Dark gone a lead , leff dem a road Maggie, one link unda unu bumbo

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