1. The fact is she’s with her children or daughter ‘ that’s a good look . Respect to mothers that don’t ignore their children .

  2. She’s actually 1 of the few people in the dance hall world that I like. And I like to see her too. Didn’t know she could travel though. At least she’s got that going for her. Not like some of the mix up ones that mek bare trouble & don’t have a pot to piss in let alone a GREEN CARD! Very humble girl. Kudos VEN!!

      1. 🙂 Funny that such a bitch whe a talk bout ‘one chanel bag’ come from places like Fletchers land, South and TG and shame fi even go de go sleep or visit. 🙂
        New Year bitches Invest in JAMAICA fi de good of all!

  3. Goody Sexy Ven you look good badddddd you got up dem head!!!! Goody gyal real good good woman mother friend and very hard working you don’t beg nobody shit so keep doing you keep shining big up ya self f**k the haters you don’t even see dem cause dem can’t fly ah bayyyyyye. Big up

  4. Looking rich where? You mean looking like she’s on Flatbush ave :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak VEN it took this long but at least you reach to jamaica finally!! If it wasn’t for your baby daddy Mario you couldn’t travel one bit. :hoax2

  5. Some of you bloggers have dirty mind. It is a good feeling when someone are able to travel freely as the want.

      1. *Dead*_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  6. Thats true she able to go where she wants so what if she got her papers from a gay. One chanel bag is all she need. More than on bag and shoe and still live with the common folks is a f**king fool.

  7. You guys need to look a work and a batty man fi f**k you so you can get papers so you can travel and look good just like Ven!!! Chanel is very very expensive so who gives a f**k if she only have one how many do you have? Sender you sent this in so early you don’t have kids to bring to school? Ven Ven you win boo Live it up with you and your beautiful girls continue ignoring the thugs behind the computer who have ZERO flying powers!!! Its 2015 a new year and you still choose to be a hater damn you guys still corrupted and miserable and bad mind GET A LIFE

  8. I think d lady look very nice & so wat if she has 1 chanel bag i got none and if she sex a gay 2 get a green card more power 2 she. I know chicks that sleep with so many men & have nothing so big up yourself Ven.@ Anonymous 11:28am u sound so dumb right now about America has everything wat if we love 2 explore other countries shame on u.

  9. Some of you bloggers have dirty mind. It is a good feeling when someone is able to travel freely to visit their love ones who they have not see in long tiime. Young be safe and enjoy your time to our beautiful country Jamaica.

  10. I don’t see a Chanel bag in any of the photos. I knows nutten bout har, but mi like how she keep har belly flat. And mi like seh she staying at the hotel and nah kotch kotch a ppl place.

  11. Her body looks good. I’m happy for any woman or man who is free to travel and visit their family and friends. Being a non-status person in a country is like a prisoner in a cell. However, a lot of illegal aliens are here and doing better than people who are legal residents and citizens. Why do people even care about Chanel bag? Stop being so vain, folks! Life is the greatest gift. You have 100 Chanel bags and you will still have to bow just like she!


  13. Ven it’s 2015 I beg you please leave the fake shoes and Chanel bags alone. It don’t look good. Unno a talk bout Mario gay? Ven gay too. Ven clean up yuh dirty like and I hope yuh bring yuh big daughter up.

  14. Big up Ven… Girl you look great…… Tell the Bum Bitch who send your pic to do us all a favor and Drop Dead for 2015.

  15. Big Up Ven….. Girl you look great…. Sender do yourself a favor and drop dead for 2015. Did Ven take away your man? Was it really worth sending in Ven pic to JMG? Sender you have Bad Mind go work on yourself…

  16. At least she bought her Chanel bag on Canal street for $50. The black and the white. Ven save your money and buy a real one. You deserve it. No one has no bad mine. She really does not look that fabulous . SHE IS OK. SHE CAN PASS!

  17. Dutty suck pussy Lesbian Debbie. Is that you under Deb. Defending Ven that always disrespect you. You need to go and sort out yourself.

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