So me hear the one Vershon him now nah mind him pickney weh him n kitty have and ya tell me say after the girl really mek him see him pickney wen him come a her gate did boy ya really drive off wid d girl pickney without consent …… Mi all hear say is a rass speed him drive off Inna wid the Pitney Inna him lap n him two car door wide open ….. Tell me now him really muss deh pon coke….. Fi mek it even worse me all hear say from good source say him all threaten d girl bout if she ruin him career him a go kill she n her family…. All now d girl no get back her pickney after she go police station…. Now tell me now met y him no settle him self wid D gal weh use to go Tarrant weh mi hear say a d biggest mattress out deh all bring d gal go kitty yaad bout him want suitcase wid baby clothes weh him buy wid him low self… Weh kind a dutty man this….. And all him live pon a bout him a go obeah man …. Da one ya a real joke eno….Met talk d truth now…. Vershon u fi stop it and be a MAN!!!


  1. Nah support any man who nah mind him yute,having said that plz take note of this fact. Under every country’s law…a parent CANNOT kidnap their own child#facts!

    1. Not true!!!!!! That child does not live with him he has no custodial rights to the child he has kidnapped him.

  2. why these young girls mek dem dryup so called artist yah abuse dem so?? i know it happens to the best of us at least once in life but dem dog$hit bwoy yah only sing songs & dont live wat they preach. Hes only hurting the child when u live bad with the moher kmt him need fi wise up & do better.

  3. As yardie said, a parent cannot kidnap their child, if you have an issue with him, simply carry him go family court, and fi every time him turn up a u gate u go out deh wid video fi catch any and everything that going on!

    But don’t siddung deh like fool and hav di man a do u suh. A long time him hav gal all bout and hav gal a drive up and down inna car wid, when u did a do di promo thing and a follow back a him because him did hype, it never dawn pon u seh him a use u, and up to now still a tek u fi fool, a suh u in love my girl!?

    Try get over it and sort out yourself and stop play like idiot. Carry him go court and mek dem sort out some arrangement fi unnuh, cause in the end is the child getting hurt!

    1. Dear Spoon

      I stand corrected technically by Tawkchuet becuz a coury order can rule a parent unfit. It would be kidnapping if that unfit parent snatched the child against the order terms.

      Thus it’s a mystery how prison miss lisa Hanna then cuz she kidnapped her son n refused to return him to usa to his dad against the Atlanta court order!

    2. maybe she never want it get big and public so u know u a keep it dl cause a big artiste and u dont want to hurt him so the whole family court settings …………but why would just take the child if he had visiting privileges though? maybe she was keeping him from him as a punishment fi mine him pickney…..these men tho want back what clothes ……..

      1. @yardie understood!

        @Hmmm…dat boy is not that big of an artist, half a who deh yah not even kno him. It obvious seh dem can’t come to a solution on dem own, suh dem jus haffi go di court way!
        Him basically a do as him feel without a care inna di world. See di pickney, with ought with the responsibility of looking after him and can still be artist a road a run up and down! It caan work suh! Bigger dan him get fling out deh and live, so is either him step up or tek di dutty Star headline him a go get!

        1. a true him no big but people tend to not want them business in the streets……… sad when the solution is in the court tho him fi man up n wise up cause obviously she a do her part n she nah style him on social media

          1. And fi show u how him bright….di while time this a gwaan di girl nah talk and seh ntn and him deh pon social media a style har now! No sah! Dem so called man yah! We haffi go start mek ppl jump through serious hoops before we hav dancehall pickney wid dem, cause dem breed a dis yah from some ppl towards di person dem hav a child wid nuh right!

      2. me honestly think him want her back n cya get her so him punish the child and him realize how much she loves her son n thats y him go for the kid cause thats the only way to get to her

  4. Really Vershon? You’re willing to do to a woman what your father did to you & your mother? Grow up & work out things with your child’s mother & stop being a damn moron because I doubt you can take care of a child on your own, so if is your mother you gave the child your mother needs to do right thing & take a broom & beat sense into you & have you take the child back to the mother.

    You said it was a bad police beating that turned you back when you were heading down the wrong path. It look like is another police beating you need to straighten you out again.

  5. Sir, plz to give back the girl har baby smh saw him on IG with the baby a talk a bag things bout di baby mother careless & all a seh sumn bout him 2 benz lol likkle boy you neva did know she did careless b4 you go breed har…I can’t with these worthless singers & djs.

  6. Likkle waste man dem. If ur career more important that ur child u need help. Need to get his priorities together !

  7. But look how the girl did Dah with him from wen him nuh have nothing an
    A so him deal with r mi use to love see dah together enuh. look on the sweetie baby the girl push out give him .. I am a mother of 2 an I can tell u this baby mother must be hurting so bad an the little boy must miss him mother to so Vershon be a man an take the child back to his mother it nuh look good

    1. why are u ragging on her tho? u have some personal thing against her she aint no saint neither is he but she love her son and hes doing this to hurt her

  8. Unnu don’t talk on what unnu don’t know. One she’s bitter af. Two she’s using this baby as a pawn to grab money. Three version never too bright from morning & fourth this situation only going to get worst. Mother want baby live with her fi suck father dry and father can’t take care a baby physically nor emotional only financially. Now father mother affi go turn full time mother again. This is just sad. I hope they work it out. In that case please stop dash unnu cock and spread unnu vagina all bout the place. Get to know each other real real good first.

    1. u nuh talk weh u nuh know she d a do it all alone this whole time and no one knew of it no one and if him no want to give the live cash buy what the baby need it that simple and give the mom ……….him worthless n careless cause his actions show say a only if the kid with him him a take care a the kid worthless n careless talk about the facts

  9. Afterall this is said and done . A full time now gal learn from the mistakes of others .
    Start thinking long term ! Dis baby mada f**kery nah cut it . Be with a man with a plan . A man Weh a pree marriage and future . Yes many people will jump and say marriage isn’t all . Me a talk bout getting wid a real man . Dem quick fly open legs and breed fe f**kery . And den waan bawl cree .
    Full time now gal get some ambition man .
    Me affi come dung hard pan De woman dem .

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