It has come to my attention that, beaches that used to be an early morning or Sunday venture for many Jamaicans are suddenly being turned into a pay-per-use venture. Recently, I spoke to a business owner who helps maintain a few street lights and pay what are supposed to be government utility bills and supplies for some police stations.School children can barely afford to go to school, schools are in desperate need for supplies, roads are not maintained, in some cases teachers are not being compensated adequately.Yet, there are no incentives for charity that would encourage many Jamaicans to contribute to the betterment of the country. Recently we were enlightened in a documentary about the beaches in Portland that were up for sale to the ire of many Porti residents. My question is this;-

– Which political party began selling out our natural resources ?

-Jamaica has sold practically everything it could possibly sell including its people, beaches that provide relaxation and healing are now a source of steady income for sleazy investors, what is the benefits of selling these natural resources when Jamaica is getting worse by the second? Where is the money really going???


  1. Both parties are responsible..the money goes in the politicians bank accounts…very sad for the island..jamaicans are going to be 2nd class citizens in their own country very soon.

  2. my question is this: of all the countries in the Caribbean why is it that Jamaica is suffering such a fate? I mean with the exception of Haiti, Jamaica economy and dollar is a joke. why di rest a island dem nah feel it? a plan dem plan fi Jamaica or wah?

    1. Dem study the ways of the politicians and saw that it was easy to drown the country..Imagine borrowing from the IMF and even when the debt is paid back u still haffi abide by what is said..They took away our farming ..schools and many other little things ..Going to try n put up some info again on it

      1. ohhh ok, see i knew i could count on you met. cause i always a wonder how come similar countries only a few miles away are thriving (relatively speaking) while jamaica getting worser and worser by the minute. i mean the economy, culture, everything just on a rapid downward spiral.

  3. Sinking ship.Di people dem nuh have the right attitude towards the world. Dem too inna dem self.Yuh try fi tell dem weh fi duh fi benefit dem and dem cuss yuh and turn round and beg yuh afta.

  4. Tribal politics has destroyed Jamaica. Its not about voting for the best qualified, its about party. Until that changes Jamaica will go the way of Haiti….get ready because its never going to change. Sorry, but a suh. Politicians see being elected as a way to plunder their way to wealth and power. Clear example with that lady out west recently and that is just a drop in the bucket.

  5. Someone uptop asked why JA?..jamaica is a very beautiful and bountiful island with ppl who are money hungary that dnt give a dam abt its ppl running the country..that allows insiders to come in and dive up the island for their wealth.

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