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Please highlight the plights of the long sufferring people of Garrison/Inner-cities/Ghettoes in Jamaica. We are Jamaican Citizens and are entitled to our rights under the constitution Of Jamaica.Unfortunately several of our BASIC human rights are being violated daily by 1main set of players and their agents.
The Garrisons were the creation of Politicians hell bent on securing their powerbase through a voting system that is neither fair nor free-willed.They did not empower or educate the Ghetto ppl to have freedom in exercising their franchise;On the contrary‎ they established links with state agents such as the Police and nefarious elements such as DONS to disenfranchise these citizens.I have experienced first-hand how this sort of thing plays out and I will relate my nightmare.

Local govt Elections was taking place back in 2007.I went to my polling booth in a popular Ghetto pnp stronghold.I was processed and while inside the indoor agent asked me if I knew HOW to vote??I was a bit confused so I asked her to clarify what she meant by HOW. One would have expected her to explain but this Lady instantly got ignorant,stepped passed me and put “MY X beside the HEAD”.All the time she was railing up abt how that’s why her kind was needed to help “US” the Dunces cuz we will make mistake and vote Labour.Grant u that I was minorly offended since I went to University Abroad,but I was majorly upset cuz I was denied MY RIGHT to vote.I told her that I didn’t like what she did and she told me “yuh lucky”.

Met i wasn’t surprized when the Don sent for me at a hour or so ltr.He wanted to know why was I making a fuss,so I explained to him what went down.He said he wasn’t gonna have me beaten cuz my mother a good lady plus the agent lady never know me “Brite”so jus a misunderstanding.
Fast -forward Local govt election 2012 and I had made up my mind just outta spite what I was gonna do,oh how I boiled up and simmered for 5 long years‎ for another chance to vote.

This dude let’s call him “Peter” was a good fren,he even worked for my mom.Thus I knew his limitations for example when u told Peter to add 100 and 21,he would get paper and pen and draw the numbers him even carry the 1,have his + sign and that long line u draw to put the ansa under.In any event you get the point, so when we went to vote u can imagine what happened. Peter placed his X beside the Bell!Honestly a very good day 4 me is when I don’t recall the blood curdling screams from Peter that still haunts me to this day.

Met by the time Peter came out the center and was walking over to me outside,message had already reached the Don. Peter’s walk to me was cut short with a flying kick to H‎is head and 3 monsters reigned blows even before his head could hit the asphalt.All Peter was saying was sorry sorry sorry mi can’t read sorry bossy a mistake.It was only when I went over and explained to them that indeed Peter was illiterate they resorted to only Boxing him up and asking him why him never mek the agent vote fi him then?!

Met I’m not like brave brave but the way I see it is ppl die for no good reason daily for no cause for simple matters especially in Jamaica. My bravery comes from me always saying me have to dead fi something!Hence I went in that booth and voted JLP even after what I saw they did to Peter.Maybe it was wrong for me to give the agents the “middle finger”but of course that’s not why the Don sent for me yet again. I was delighted to be informed I wasn’t gonna be beaten again sake of how beloved my Mom is so yet again Mi Mammie save me life but I did pick up a konk to the forehead.

Today all over Jamaica yes even the rural parts,garrison politics and donmanship makes a mockery of our constitutional rights and freedoms.Bruce Golding is the only politician on record who called for garrisons to be dismantled.He said it on national TV as head of NDM in 1997 during a debate with PM PJ Patterson and rt hon. Edward Seaga‎. Seaga and PJ gave each other a knowing look and neither of them acknowledge or pay GOlding any mind to his request,they simply didn’t answer him and spoke off-topics in their responces.Please I know you can and I strongly feel like you will Shani.Please use your forum and goodwill to highlight our ppl’s plight cuz Ghetto ppl are People who have by in large helped put Jamaica on the Map.We are entrapped in our own Country,we cry Freedom from Dons,police brutality and being power-drunk Politicians’ steeping stone and doormats!

We remind everyone to remember Nesta Marley and his origins.


  1. This is a harsh reality that many face, not only in Jamaica but in the United States as well. It’s known as voter suppression. They make bribes, extort, and take advantage of people who are poorly educated. To be honest, when it first came about, it probably made no difference who the vote was cast for but in this day and age, people should be able to exercise their constitutionally protected right without fear of retribution. I sincerely hope we take a step in the right direction sooner rather than later.

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