If you or anyone you know has sat on this face within the last year you need to visit your nearest NHS GUM Clinic. I am doing you all a public service because Lambeth and Hackney Councils tired of the same black people coming in every week for the same phuck ing stds. Don’t take it from me, visit your doctor, yes I was infected but thank god a Neva nothing weh Homerton couldn’t cure, I know he must have caught it off someone but if he wasn’t having unprotected sex with so many different women he would have a clue where he got it. I’m 100 percent sure I got it off him because because the last man mi tek was Dec 2014 and I have proof I went for a routine that same month and everything came back negative! Plus mi couldn’t a walk round inna England weh doctor and medication free with a p&sc smelling like rotten fish fi nearly two years! no I yah! after being abstinent for 14 months and getting back with this batty bwoy, 2 days after having sex with him my pusc smelt like Coronation Market one sat deh evening, mi waa know if the person who gi him or the other women them him sleeping with don’t have nose, because only a doctor can cure that scent.

P**c learn fi keep yuh stinking mouth shut in the future, if yuh Neva a run yuh mouth to yuh cousin an yuh phone go off mi wouldn’t get all the confirmation mi need fi done yuh likkle liad bc, same place yuh ketch Di chickenpox a goodly Di same place yuh ketch Di others. If yuh Neva did a chat yuh woman dem with yuh cousin mi wouldn’t have no proof plus 1 witness lol. Yuh Neva did a chat me last night but mi believe now when Di man dem dung Di road seh a you a call mi name to dem an a bring back news bout man dem seh, yuh a pusc, mi use to rate yuh before but not anymore. And mi not fighting ova nuh inebriated c*cky either that alone is revenge enough for me and I use the word inebriated because I know yuh can neither define, spell nor pronounce it with yuh heavy tongue, go have that conversation with your bitches now because before mi even go a doctor mi a tell yuh fi tell Di gal dem seh fi go doctor an yuh a go round Di thing pusc bout yuh stop f** Di whole a dem like mi a big head bud. A Jamaica you and yuh woman a plan fi guh inoculate with unnu baby germs dem? I hope the people down there reciprocate with some AIDS. P*sc

And another thing, mi report yuh fi the time yuh Bruk inna mi house inna 2014 and the attack yuh attack me and Di innocent man weh day, yes mi contact the man and guess what? Pusc you don’t know what betrayal feels like but yuh ago know now. When Di English gal dem a sh*t inna yuh face, f**k yuh Rasta friend, and give yuh STD, take some big money off yuh, yuh caa beat dem but everything yuh waa fight me cause yuh know my situation, yah evil p**c, mi and yuh a f**k on and off 12 yrs now all when yuh duh three four years a prison and come out mi Neva gi yuh a infection yet and mi Neva f**k none a yuh friend dem batty bwoy and every time yuh go prison yuh family dem ketch feelings like a me send yuh deh and when English gal a dig out yuh eye dem nuh si, why yuh don’t tell dem seh yuh c***y caa stand up offa pusc nuh more cause dem bow yuh out inna prison and yuh need to go back because a man yuh hood jump fah now? Mek dem bring yuh guh a Di same Obeah man dem guh last time Memba him owe dem a partial refund lol


  1. What’s that old adage, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned?” People need to start practicing safe and healthy sex. In this day and age, you can die from a one bruck. Be careful!

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