At first I thought it was a pair of stockings till mi really look good…Suh talk choot…people really tink dis look good?


16 thoughts on “WALKING BLEACH BOARD

  1. Puuussy foot! That is must stocking! Ive never seen a bleacher like this one here on the wall!! That right there is almost perfection! Screenshot :matabelo:

  2. Rawtid i ddnt even read the texts above due to how the caucasion legs distract mi! Could’ve passed off as stockings fo reaal! Circus clown this cuz the face will never look like the legs :ngakak

  3. this lady must have lost her legs and the only legs dem coulda get from a donor was from an overweight middle age white woman. dis nuh real

  4. Now it makes perfect sense the reason they invented koki spray! How,why,when,where,who fa koki coulda rise fi that thingamajig??

  5. I think she put some kind of cream on her foot. The ones that they advertise for covering up veins or scars.

  6. This is heartbreaking. Rather than laugh, I feel like crying. This is not vanity this is self hate and self mutilation.

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