1. Pot a cuss the kettle black and ugly as u is Wally me did give dat a bly I think u was a humble girl u mek da hypness swell up your head all you n ur drug dealing criminal scamma friends need to go home first careful wat u wish for ppl

    1. I am a believer that America give out citizenship too easy. Look at wilderbeast wally a talk bout deportation?!

      This is funny no hell. Wally whey poor people, legal or illegal turn into somebody via social media :ngakak :ngakak

  2. Trump need to come scrape up the dutty nastiness off white plains road , utica , nostrand , flatbush and jamaica avenue

  3. Lord you mouth look disgusting ‘ Wally you parents never teach you don’t talk with food in your mouth especially your mouth wey spread with all those teeth all over the place . Damn you mouth look the hog them a Portland.

    1. :hammer :ngakak

      A muss one deep dark gully wally grow up inna or up in a moutain like de boar dem fi true :ngakak

  4. Oh how she forgot her humble beginnings, Wally you are a nobody, you fi guh back home. Girl your outburst and uproar has left a bad taste in the mouth of many. Nobadda come talk bout TRUMP, guh siddung. Bye Wally!!!

  5. I see some ppl weh knw har business and how she get her papers drag her to filth yesideh suh weh Christine gwaan wid a de least comparing to wah mi see gwaan, she seh todeh she a release the whole video fi it.

    My thing is dis Jamaicans are the only one out her downing each other with this Trump shit, who ago call I.C.E who fi gwaan back …. you tell if yuh see nuh Spanish, African, Chinese, Trinidadian, Asian, Bahamian etc weh deh yah undocumented out here a down each other daily like dis

  6. Wally go sidung not because u married the crack head and did live inna car fi months and use to get beat and dragged in the streets of America u have talk….. some women just don’t want to subject themselves to this living and u a talk bout do for family do u do for your family look from when u deh a farrin and ur mada still a suffer a yard all u do for anyone back home is throw cocky paws a wid ur big black fake badmind self plp start to see right through you and u need to have several seats and oooooh Donald trump need fi send back all the illegal plp dem weh a catch a ur yawd weh u a f**k a night time cuz u go both ways

  7. A wah do dah bloodclaat drug dealer yah man.. move up looooou gal!!! cause if yuh buy cement a Jamaica a Nuh yuh hawd earn money buy dat gal. Tun round yuh batty tuh di camera an stawt talk from now on cause di mount a shit yuh chat wid yuh annoying country gal voice all mi wah duh now a flush….Kuh pan yuh a wish fi Trump send home ppl and a hustle inna di ppl dem country a gwan like yah sumbody…. look how mi tink yuh a duh yuh show an a Mek yuh money greed ago be nuff a hunnu death yea.

  8. Wally go SUCK UR MADA U UGLY BLOODCLAAAAATTT U!!!! WHO DI F**K IS YOOOUUUUUU!!!! GO SUCK UR MADA!!!!! When dem send di hole a wi home wey promoter ago get money from fi pay u?? Oooohh! Mi figet!! A drugs u sell suh u good!!!! Wally!! Again!!! GO SUCK UR MADA!!!!!! BET SEY U NUH GET NUH MORE SHOW FI DO, OR IF WI SEE U PAN NUH MORE SHOW BARTON WI AGO BARTON IT RASS!!!!! WALLY!! AGAIN!!!! GO SUCK UR MADA!!!!!!!

    1. Wally fi go pon a permanent black list. She think she reach and a bun bridge and fling stone.

      Nuff a unu like har wid citizen fi thank god the day plane lift off wid unu and segregation ended in America.

  9. Nasty ugly wally Wey dey pon social media a talk bout man thief her weed a talk bout trump fi send them home. Trump also a look fi dealers of drugs. How much show yuh been doing from yuh nuh have papers until yuh have papers did you pay taxes on those money you collect nasty black and crusty ,sadamite Sally.??? Hairy tongue wally..wally yuh look like old garbage into yuh own party Wey day.bitch bye. Who is you wally?? Dirty wally Wey want tuh bath in Sud sil and rude boy soap. Wally a the same illegal people them view yuh page and big yuh up fi years and Meck yuh be known with yuh country self. Why u nuh deport yuh self a guh back a country guh dig Yam , potatoes and ride donkey .?? Yuh rude nuh bloodc..th. only Jamaican a a side with trump fi sey them own people fi guh home. plenty born Americans a beg fi wi stay.stinking gal wally guh suck a pu..y

  10. Wally a gwaan lik a shit surround jamaica Wally ugly and dirty looking lik dwag,I don’t know if she young or old because she always look stink

  11. Mi a go call yuh by yuh right name bc I think your alter ego a f*ck up yuh colla colla head. I guess people who bawl out rape and sell drugs shouldn’t be sent home huh Susan???? Susan me despise you and your file is very longgggggggggggg especially when it come on pon di whoring. Bout send home. Your IG has enough evidence fi lock up yuh claat fi some time and send YOU right back to country life…As much as mi hate di pedophile dem, what you did was nasty and low, too bad this bwoy inna tings bc him have every right fi sue yuh claat and have no doubt he would win.

  12. Wally touch some corn and its true there are some non progressive elements who don’t make no use of the time when they come here. They love to hype and show off on people and don’t even support their families back in Jamaica. The truth hurts.

    1. I agree but mek di progressive element dem mek dat statement. Or is it that they are too progressive to make such statments? :nerd

    2. She touch my corn free toes and me a pedigree who eat sleep, drink JAMAICA LAND I LOVE

      She figet how she reach and where she coming from. Dem soon add a clause fi people like har.


  13. simplicity mi sey mi a sake u hand one million time, my god i was saying this morning them call ice ,wish bad for each other ,laugh about others down fall, jamaicans are the worst set of people on this earth , why not team up n wish each other well kmt you all need to stop call up people about who to go home , how did u get ur papers ? everyone suituation is different a some of you f**k up each other y they cant get through here go get a life man n leave peole alone ..

    1. Send in a pic of Big Foot dawta mek we judge. Dwlll. I swear sometimes mi too tiyeeerrrd to comment but I swear uno mek mi laff. Lmao.TPC

  14. I can’t believe Wally make post talking about weed and selling & weed soon legal so we can stay dey a talk about weed . And she put the house building in port Antonio. Wally your a public figure mine them boys start to watch your goings that’s Florida them no play down south .

  15. Wally move you dutty bloodclathe you throw cocky partner like dog and all now you can’t get no draw piece a dog shit. Left you to the men a texa weh you rob dem weed money. You come pon social media a cry bout boy tief you money when you know say is a drug deal go wrong. Move you nasty clothe stop gwan like you a smady you is a nobody bitch go have several seat bitch and stf up. All you do is mind young boy bitch. Can’t stomach the pice a shit.

  16. From the time mi see how DA gal deh mouth big mi know sey a nuh good gal she always a nam and a chat she a crab Inna barrel with that speech that she make uno fe stop support her save uno money she reach a limit wey she make enough money that uno use to support her so she can use it an buy drugs so she send out this video to trump to come an deport us she is a wicked gal % ratings

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