Good afternoon met, mi sey I went to dis gal to get mi hair done, all dis gal talk bout is people and how dem man nuh want dem, but u know wat hit below the belt wen Donna British sey how she ago call Immigration pon di other Donna Gucci and her son, mi sey met mi wah cry wen mi hear she sey dat. all mi know I will never ever go bak har shop fi do mi hair. an sey dem a friend. she sey ohh wen Donna Gucci have her party and go wear di yellow sinting looking like a F;;ing big bird and how di people dem dun har. listen unuh fi know who a unuh friend. u party wid har, u drink wid har, u eat wid di dutty bitch. unuh nuh si sey a pure gal dutty pu** Donna British suck? all di Africans dem she dun. all one girl wey name Rochelle wey thief, she sey u always a get lock up and she can’t wait fi di people dem fi deport har. ohh Tia she sey u fi go look fi u baby fada bout u a breed fi one a di show time sister man. met mi can’t remember some a di people dem name. she sey Tassy wassy and Kasha live wid Tia, dutty donna british u nuh have no loyalty to noboby u know all adi people who use to dey round u gone and dem a do better. nuh u have to draw bak to di people dem wey u chat. all di Junjo family be carefull of her she dun unuh to. tune in next time for more


  1. Is this the same Donna weh send home Soprano cause him neva wah leave him woman fi har??
    But mi coulda swear seh she deh wid Donna Gucci son. Is wah di relation tun retaliation..
    Donna No British, you need fi stop it because You are the 2nd most hated girl in Philly. di way how you love party you really walk and meck trouble wid ppl so. Mi think you woulda change your outlook pan life afta dem kill ur brother. Everybaddie deh a Farrin fi a reason so tell me why you come here to work for INS for free. smh

  2. don’t believe it, donna Gucci and donna british ah di biggest friend. m nuh tink she would ah diss the woman suh even though she ah the biggest mixup in philly wit her crocked nose.

  3. Bwoy Senda yuh wicked all along yuh waah tell di ppl dem dese ting and a blame it pan di hairdresser. whey di girl do why yawh Mek up dem tings yah say shi a talk it inna di shop??? Uuza wicked! Splash holy wata I rebuke yuh post.

  4. Senda she musta fill comfortable ah talk them business with u. Donna Gucci son a pickney that gal nah deal wit lickle bwoy who cant give her nufin

  5. Donna act like she is so better than everybody with her mix up self, all she do is walk and mix people up and think she is bad that’s part of the reason her brother got kill because every time she do her dirt she call him, that is something she will say because she is definitely like that, last year she try to f**k her friend man and when the girl confront her she call the police they was going back and ford to court not sure what happen

  6. Nobody nah call up Donna Gucci name, Di sumady jus a deliva Di message a dat Di suck pussy and dutty bitch sey bout Di woman. U up a top a sey oh she nuh wid man weh nah give her nutting, u rite she a dey wid bwoy or man weh she a tek care of. Donna British need Fi stop demand f**kery deh. Har own a friend smfh.

  7. dat bitch got one f***ked up nose,dah bitch need fi do her own nah hair ,ah talk bout hair dressaaaaaa…. wha part it deh,innah her bed room dwrllllll dah gyal ugly like

  8. donna british is good looking on the outside when she ready but inside mucky… i don’t disbelieve the sender for a second… real witch di philly man dem always seh she give the best head not to mention batty wash yuck… next!

  9. Come on guys. Stop this nonsense in Christ name. Let us forgive and love one another. Lets support our brothers and sisters. Dont participate in stuff like this. In Jesus name. Remember, God is merciful unto us. Lets give thanks for life.

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