MI SO TIRED OF DA NUFF GYAL YAH WEH WALK AND F**K LIKE DOG AN NUH STOP SEND DI PEOPLE DEM BOY PICKNEY A JAIL !!!!! MAPPIE CHAMPAGNE, NEIL YARDSPOT, BROOKS, JUNIOR, A LADE THE LIST GOES ONNNNNNN She have nuff man an still live in a one room with her mother an brother an baby an her baby daddy lef her !!!!! ANDDDDD LETS NOT FORGET STEPH THE WRONG BABY FATHER LEFT UH CAUSE A RAY 116 SON GI DI MAN HIM CHILD !!!!!!!!!!!!! Steph uh evil uh chat uh frenz an fren body good fi clothes an know bodygood a f**k uh BFF man Sasha duhtings after all duhtings do for you an your child


  1. Sender am puzzled cause she f suh much man and keep suh much dance and live in a room wid so much people sender please come back ova yah suh am lost

  2. Senda u are so right. But I thought it was neil child. She tell somebody say a neil own. This girl and her mother caa read or write too well.Before she try go look a work. She chat dahlia say how her baby father good to her but shy gone jamaica. She say how kim run go breed before she try tek up her pickney dem fr jamaica. She is a wicked

  3. old woman long time big woman Vanessa leave the girl alone cause you have 3kids and can’t show shit. Ray friend a f**k u under on the down low

  4. It’s the girl pussy she fuc who she want fren who she want it’s her life she doing the same thing nuf a ounu bruck down gal did a do few months ago leave the girl let she live her life and learn from it, and the person wa call her self fren wa put this up why u didn’t go to the girl and tell her to her face what u have to say

  5. Unuh leave the gal alone she tek up weh unuh put dung unuh used to sell f**k a night time an dash weh belly like dog loue steff mi she live r life.bec unuh wyah f**k steff wid unuh duty sadamite self bec the gal a stay far from unuh an a do r own thing unuh vex.steff f**k if yuh wyah f**k bec wen yuh a congo worm ago eat out yuh pussy so f**k till yuh a voice say f**k no more some a them get park like the bloodclart leeland truck.unuh life sad like funeral unuh go look a life an leave the girl alone steff dont worry bout them just pray goodie bec yuh a good gal and people love

  6. Unuh leave the gal alone she tek up weh unuh put dung unuh used to do samething to unuh used to do walk and sell f**k a night time and unuh dash weh belly like dog. Unuh duty sadamite unuh tru steff nuh mek unuh draw r pussytongue unuh mad leave the gal alone mek she live r life steff f**k if yuh wyah f**k until yuh hear a voice say f**k no more bec wen yuh dead congoworm ago eat out yuh pussy.unuh a talk bout she live wid mother wats wrong wid that nuff a unuh would a wish if unuh mother deh fi unuh live wid r everything steff do is a problem just bec she nah par wid unuh.if she did cotch wid unuh,,, unuh would a still talk unuh a walk a sleep dung people couch and floor unuh come steff back stop ride r like a donkey

  7. D funny ting is dem ppl yah ah gwan like sey dem any better dan d poor girl. Who nuh live nuh wey ah cotch ah ppl yaad, ah sleep pon couch r grung, who ah f***k how much ppl man fi free who nuh bloodclaat want dem n ah chat dem n hav d heart fi ah talk bout other ppl. F**k who u waan f**k yah stef ah ur pussy n under dey nuh stink n rotten cuz d man dem still ah beg fi yuh good up good up pussy unlike sum ppl LOL!!!!!

  8. Stinking pussy gyal Weh breed fi di boy Weh name bmoney uh pussy stink n from ja it a talk from n now u a breed it still stink uh f**k dung di whole a New York n still f**king on yuh belly now u sleep inna Kim perfection Weh soon Nuh live Nuh Weh cause fi her bby father na look pon she really him treat her bad wen him ready see she a sell food the other day and stop lol Kim need fi stop wear Conway clothes lol lazy face Kim low Steph alone u n the one Weh fava BLOODCLAAT chucky the big yiy one nesasshy stinking pussy Jodi stop sleep out Bridget couch uh Nuh see uh yiy dem a sink inna ole . Unu ave BAD REPUTATION A ROAD LOW BLOODCLAAT STEPH ALONE DI GYAL TIAD A UNU WID UNU NASTY LIFE

  9. Yuh know sey dem people yah nuh value friendship again. No loyalty nuh deh again thank god my pickney dem and my family a my friend dem.

  10. Mi nah lie da pink wall ya will break up any friendship especially if u never sure of I fren in the first place. People not everything ounu si people put on here is true. It better if u go to u fren and sa what u have to say to her if she Wa vex did vex all a this not necessary and a give other people wa nuh know ounu from nowhere things to say smh

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