0 thoughts on “WAP WAP BUSY BEAT HIM

  1. busy a di badddest dj outta road….and jus true him did have a likkle ting weh a bada him …him but now BUSY STEP OUT HIM A PUT BLACK PON BLOCK

      1. Me listen to it bout 5 time a’ready a dis mi a beat pan di 95 a mawnin when mi a go work tun it upppppp!!! Buck it!!!! :kr

  2. Jah know Busy a wona di most underrated artist..how wi can bus dah youth yah man? Tune slap weh

    1. Wha u mean buss busy? Busy buss long time tour like crazy bigger than fraudo and the major lazer tune shot bigger than all a mavado tune dem together with sales views and billboard

  3. bap bap wap wap! “Mavado yu heart dutty like a rubbish bin,a dat really gwaan mi don,mavado vampire theeth yu use fi bite the hand sell out yu soul & nuh member the place weh yu come from,& where it all began! KILLA KNOW WHEN DE THING BEGIN! DUTTY UNGRATEFUL MAVADO MI KNOW ANY WEH YU DEH YU CAH SLEEP WHEN YU HEAR THIS,MAVADO AKA VAMPIRE TEETH A YU NEW NAME THIS! BUSY BIG UP YU SELF MI FREN WHO GOD BLESS NO MAN CURSE!

  4. Nite MET me na lie dis haaarrrdd bad!! it a beat Vado like a indiscipline chile, A wanda if Vado know say 7 times rise n 7 times fall n never bit ed hand dat feed u??? him tink dem yankee de nice as soon as dem realize him nave d crowd again n na push no weight u a go see how dem drop him like hot bread , MET see if u can get u hand pon d contract whe him sign no cause me know dem must f**k him up in de

  5. Busy the baddest and maddest ting Bou Yah str888888 up. Ain’t nobody f**king with this guy he’s on another level. Bout time people give the guy his due respect Bou yah

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