0 thoughts on “WAP WAP DEM A BEAT WI BAD OO :(

  1. her bags aren’t fake, I think yall all haters. However think of college tuition and 401k and investments too.

  2. These bitches play too much :ngakak

    happel and dem with dem “PH-ANEL” handbags needs to Sid dung somewhey wid y’all special Olympics tactics

    Don’t you perpetrate that fraud tricks

    Them handbags ARE OVER. $2500 EACH

    and that yellow one best not be a Celine or Hermes knockoff

    Chanel need fi sue uno….. Cho

  3. Look like di sed place wah did hab di special pon di bag did hab special pon boots to. NY circus second act dis.

  4. all these chanel this and that why don’t this dummy invest in her children educational funds or a damn green card these females have their priorities messed up.

  5. all these chanel this and that why don’t this dummy invest in her children educational funds or a damn green card these females have their priorities messed up.

  6. Chanel & Celine purses… yea dumb bitches ..make the slave master richer and richer and they keep you like trained monkeys … how bout you take that money and invest it … ghetto fab hoes with FAKE EVERYTHING – fake hype lifestyle, fake hair , fake nails , fake eyebrows, the only thing real is the empty bank account …they go home to dem bruk up bed and furniture in rented apts

    1. Dem a part a de coal-stove crew to…Nuff a dem don’t want Jamaica see dem again because dem REALITY dung de a wait fi say HELLO!

  7. Dis look like when somebody have triplet an dress dem up Ina de same ting (same everything but different color) and den di one wid di yellow bag a di big sister wah born before the triplets so di madda dress har up to

  8. they all dress nice but sade clothes dont do her any justice she use to have a banging body when she ah guh ah school she look too sloppy now. bobbette start rub do breast and allegedly do batty she ah come along a lil bit face wise she still ugly but not as ugly as before. kerry mouth look stink mi nuh like har pig mouth shes not cute she looks funny. apple is ok she too hype and got a big ass forehead. i would rather own a house first then splurge after these ppl wear expensive clothes etc and dtill live in small apts smh

  9. To the person that said these are real you must be connected to those THOT take it from someone that has a real chanel (college graduation gift) yes they are investments when they are authentic ALL those bags in that pic are FAKE and bad ones at that also Chanel NEVER made that style in that color pink . If your gonna fake it at least make it a damn good one. All these THOT look a mess

    1. I agree with you that theirs are FAKE , but CHANEL did make a hot pink one …its for $7,000. which if theirs is real , they are really idiotic to spend $7000 on bag rather than more important things.. if they can afford that bag , they should be living in a house and car that is already PAID for … which they are not!!!

      1. You must be new to di site, ain’t nun a dese ppl paying no 7k fi no bag, dem goodly di real deal, suh try guh run u credit meck sure a nuh u pay fi dem..lol

        1. I believe the pink bag chanel bag is real only b/c Jay brought it for her last year for her b-day and she posted the receipt all the other are suspect and no I’m not friends with dem

  10. I never wanted to comment on this thread, but let say this, the bags r real as ever could be, no joke about it, they have the link, of course they did not pay 7 G for it, but they are authentic, I am not getting into it, but I know for a fact they are. I know some people will oppose to what I am saying, but through mi know fi a fact, about how they got it, I will not argue with any one over this. I am not a Happel or Kerryann fan O, but mi know how it guh.

  11. OK sketel bam please provide the link because I to wish to carry a purple chanel bag on my birthday and to live the rentalifestyle.com that this young ladies are living lol
    Disclaimer: prices should not reflect an original Channel.
    Thanks please.

    1. _____________________________________________________________________________________________
      u a bingo tuh much now :tkp

  12. Is either happle rent those bags or them fake there’s no way she can afford to buy Chanel in so many different colour nope.

  13. Smh Yaa Jamaican Hoes Are A Bunch Of Hating Ass Irrelevant Bitches Unnu Talk Shit Weh Unnu Dohh Know Niggas Can’t Splurge On Shit They Like Sounds Like Jealous To me All When the Ppl Dem Put Up Them Purchase In Boxes With Reciept Unnu Sey It Fake So these Bags From Barney’s Sak’s Channel Celine Bloomies ETC or All Fake ? Get A Life !

  14. U Eva notice the scammas always got the same stuff even the ones that Dnt know each other they always some how always got the same things do I think they stuff is real hell yea I do I mean I could be wrong but these girls have a link to ppl to get these stuff….. Idk none of these girls personally but I must say Bobette hands down is the flyest one….. Bob got a black birkin and star barbie just got a blue one hmmm what are the chances

  15. nuh a dem gal yah trick ppl by mixing demtings. some of the suff real wether dem scam n get it or dem have links. then dem buy 2 fake ones and expect sey ppl will just assume they are real too. I mean come on, who inna dem right mind a go spend 7g on a bag and dem don’t live no where proper..like really?

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