Now let me address this topic real quick!!!!!How you go claim you are so educated and intelligent but you aren’t intelligent and educated enough to keep track of your little white lies and make sure your lies damn add up!?!?!You stop tell lie young lady!!!!!How you go brag and boast on a next female how you are so educated and intelligent and you are going for such and such degrees and all damn extra with it too and want to act all uppity you have your masters!!!!But couple days ago you posted on facebook how you posted your graduation cap saying you graduating with your masters and now you post another graduation cap well decorated saying you graduating with your Bachelors Of Science In Nursing??We need answers young lady because this young lady carrying on like them is very uppity and like they are somebody with alot of degrees and have only one!!!!!You too lie Sherekia how you call on the people good,good,radio station bragging how you got how much degrees and you are just now doing your masters.Only to be posting that you just now obtaining your BSN otherwise known as Bachelors In Nursing.Aint nothing wrong with getting your degrees or having degrees but don’t lie!!!!

7 thoughts on “WAP WAP WAPTIDDY WAP………

  1. Too bad she lied to hype but on a positive note, congratulations on completing your BSN. At least you have 1 down, unless you did an associates in Nursing as well in which case, 1.5

    1. Well we really don’t know now do we. Thats the point the sender making…di person seems to be lying

  2. If you look closely to the pic she posted it’s someone else’s pic she stole. You can see a white person holding the cap in the pic. She just received her Associates degree back in December. Anyone with common sense knows you can’t complete a BSN that quick from receiving an A.A. in December. If anything she may have completed a certificate program and is receiving a certificate this spring. But BSN nah,liar liar Sherekia.

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