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  1. Battyman extraordinaire Mikey n him friends in full source mi no say man caaaa have a good brotherly love fi dem brethen BUT Mikey n school (group of fishes is called a school) too much wit it man only ting leg a fi either one propose to the other damn batty pluggers kmt

    1. but what a way dem come out ina droves a cuss bout who have on fake and who dont…..and gq a class up fat ooman and know seh is a man dem a talk..y batteyman call demself ooman?

      1. I just gonna take a guess and say when sperm and sh!t mix inna the batty it smell like fish. So i guess choo dem no have nuttin fi gauge it pon dem call dem battam fish cause dem must run in pan a fishy crotches inna dem short heterosexual lifespan.

      1. yes but dem can’t tell who dem a f!ck bout discreet. lol dem a come out quietly though maam so i will be tuned in.

  2. a who tek whofah man/ooman? a which one a di big man dem a miami a cause dis wash weh yah caw dem seh man shawt but it luk like unnuh affi guh broaden unnuh orizins :hammer

  3. Dwlll,,, now all the fishes is mad ,, now you know Mikey going take up for is gal movie star Jason Want to be,, now dougie fuk Mikey and loudmouth
    Now his mad with the clan gal jason and now all cock loose.
    Met when you take cock then you a gal,, movie star,,Mikey,,loudmouth,,Kirk go out etc
    All gal get f**k regular ,,,expose dem rasssss

      1. This what they do on a regular but what dougie should know is those 2 is a real couple Mikey and Jason has been fuking for years as Mikey said,,,lol all those two do is fight girls only have strength for girls and dougie is a gal. Looks Like dougie is banning the Canadians from coming back to fuk them

        Observer what do you woman do when you fight over cocky?cusss

          1. I should say GQ is banning them,,, now the Canadians came down there for some party and GQ use to fuk Mikey and they got into some cocky
            Disagreement ,, movie acting like the real gal and got mad I heard.I heard movie stop chatt to Mikey for a while when they came back to Canada,,lol ,, there is no one in dance hall that did not f**k Mikey and movie,, GQ is correct calling him a fat bitch,,these Canadians are so wack ,, all Mikey brought his dad to this down low fish party and stand there like his escorting his 30something old son,,lol

  4. Women should stop asking why women go with some of these
    Down low fishes ,,, I read somewhere that they were in daffy party acting up
    This is the down low life they all know each other,,, daffy can’t stop them from coming none of these guys could stop them cause we know all they secrets
    Stop who???not me,, not today or tomorrow or all dance mash up,, I would expose all of them and then there will be no more dancehall has you know it

  5. My believe is about 75% are Dl ,,10% just want to dance and blind 15% are sleeping with them and don’t know or don’t want to know ,,, observer watch your question lol

  6. Met…y mek mi waan to tek 2advil……as a female…mi fail fi understand say a man n man this cocky battle base up on…mi need fi go live inna 1 bulb…cause this no right pan god land.

    1. Jamaican as a man all me to rass want to take 2 Advil,,,I’m just enlighten
      The blind cause my eyes is wide open to the down low life

      Dancehall wake up!! Or just be real!

  7. But if you love him off bad why bother ask because no matter what I say you will still fuk him,,, so the question should be how much condoms
    U should be using when u do,, hope that answers your question!
    You must have your reason to ask so go my child and be merry!!!lol
    I tell you some woman stupid no rassss unless this is a gay man that want to know if they could approach him,,smh,,,, approach when no one is looking ,, inbox him he will answer you Dwl

    1. dere is n such ting as bi dat a fuss ting an nobody wudd not noe what i fine out caw em wudd juss disappear..onli em “lover” wudd buss my covah an den straight prison mi gawn :nohope:

  8. I 100% agree with you that there is no such thing as bi for us men,,
    So all you woman that is sleeping with these so call bi know they love man
    The feel of a man,, the sweat of a man,, the muscle of a man,, that’s why they always go to a man. A man cannot be bi ,,,the love of a masculine body,, trust me!!

    But don’t go to jail for no fish,, just expose his ass and walk away
    Bast advise!!

    1. no man you noe ow di man dem velly velly jealous suh wen mi “disappear” em dem a guh mek jealousy mek dem turn me enn

  9. sir dont call mi fool nuh rass he is attractive and i really wanted to know cuz mi hear ppl a say it and wor d a wind!!! str8! but thanks for the info

    1. @WICKED guh ova dadapix.com and yuh wi si him model pics dem inna him ole age. Click on gallery and yuh wi si picture dem bout him ‘moggling’

  10. Not all of us ,, if I was a woman I can’t see myself with most of these dancehall man,,as a man I could never put myself with these guys ,, it’s not like they living a respectable life with a mate but they around and have full fletch swinging , just dirty sex all over the damn place ,, when u see your man walking around in dance know they looking for a fish to fuk,, eye signal All about ,, they all meet up in bathroom to give each hand jobs,, don’t make me today,,,smh

    1. talk uppppppppppp she still gwine fuxx em but talk up deh sir talk upppppppppppppp
      _________________________________________________________________nexx time set up a paypal wid shani mek di gyal dem weh a inquire bout dem DL man battam pay yuh fi di advice n infos :hammer

  11. What does good looking have to do with living man??? We love good looking man too and he body have to look good,, most if these down low guys ate attractive but please don’t be in the dark. Like only ugly ppl are gay,, look at all the star that ppl claim to be on the Dl ,, their are very attractive and would happily take one of you as a trophy anyday

    Now sorry wicked for calling you a foul but look again what you came and say, his very attractive and you heard,, so what would convine you??

  12. Observer don’t start bout PayPal,, leave that to kp lol
    All fuking fakes but yeh she did look good in that outfit
    Real rupaul at work ohh sorry kp fans

    1. Listen half what you dancehall people say is not true some is true but some kinda guh suh and some nuh guh suh at alll!!!! But since ur gay and u said you know who is who mi decide fi ask .. Paul Range doesnt seem gay to me at all! theres nothing about him that screams gay to except for the “Paulisha” thing how would u know if he reply in inbox have u written to him before sir?

  13. Please bout belly ,,, that would be day like Michael have 3 kids that’s from his sperm!!!
    Please people if tht could bred it woulda already,,,,stop it ppl

  14. Last free answer ,,, these guys do not keep man they swing!!!
    Get with program!!! Wicked there is a reason why they call being in the down low,, you would not know, they don’t act or behave like they gay(sometimes they do but ppl over look because they sleep with ladies) ,dancehall is corrupt but when you hear a man name calling up in gay talk know there is something there.

    1. I like the way you put it “swing” but I think you’re wasting your time Y, this character will still give paulisha puxxy

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