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    1. mawnin oooooo, did he really mean shiit or he’s talking like we do when we say “everything friggin shit and all” caw hefffffff a dah way deh em disgusting badddddddd

      1. Same way suh. Caw if Dougie was a straight man all him wudda haffi say is “lift your girl around the waist”……But him a refer to him man. Suh a Dougie a di man ina di relationship? Cause him planning to “lift his lover” Den Dougie can lift no baddie. :tkp

  1. Good morning Metty, fam fam :peluk :peluk :peluk :peluk … After careful analysis of Mr. Platinum’s post, I have come to the conclusion that he has a male lover.. Reason being is this… with that type of description that he gave, it differs from that of what a male/ female romance would describe..one way in particular…if a man describes that same scenario about a woman he would grab his lover under the armpit while lifting her and taking her into the bedroom. He states that he’d grab a lover around the waist, which is a lil suspect… Dougie, remind me to never come ah yuh yawd fe eat nor drink.

  2. good morning met,metters,peepers nd others…..

    for once just big up yuh man nd done wi know a wan papa..sass man

    man weh a dig out pus-c simply put dash all mi gal up pon de counter top and a pure stabbings suh puh-leeze cut e’ out nd big up yuh man mr.hognum

    1. But Simply mi hear say him man is a very jealouse hombre yuh nuh. Suh mek him stay deh nuh big him up an see. :thanks2 :salaman

      1. Mamacita hi dear 🙂 every battyman jealous that’s y dem end up a stab stab up dem one anedda more time. Dougie whey u say u get awnnny inna di holidays????? Wooooiiiiieeeee yessssss gawddddddd Dougie u did teck out the old ppl furniture outta di house cause if the living room till look so mi no waaaa see the kitchen a gooda enamel pot the goat a cook inna mecka hurry up :tkp ya man

  3. Dougie say”tounging down”miss dougiesha..the only tongue down is what hangs down fr ur “lover”……mornin met an meters.since no hood wasn’t at dinner y u never tongue the turkey leg cause a must it ave u inna trance….

  4. Unuh stay deh…Dougie reminiscing about how Prezzi use to have him inna di kitchen when him have on the apron wid no ‘panty’ and a stab out him ole wid the color color dildo dem whey dem did find a Garden.

    1. Raaasssss….mi nay deh yah an as mi come duh yuh mek mi go ride weh again. Di wha kibda dildoooo???????? Dwllll :tkp

  5. Cho….yu brain nuh wake mayneee? Yu nu see Smitty drop a big word pon wi. Ehjumakate yuself people. It’s sexy.

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