Pleasant good morning Met.

These Lavogue siblings are so caught up on material shit / We both know they can’t even afford.
The only thing that will satisfy them are Louie bags and Christian Louboutins and they can’t even afford them,on their own. That’s a recipe for disaster…they occupations are jacks of all trade from personal stylist, nurse Yanique (dolly)designer student Trisheree (sweets) . Now, Tee shirt designer? . My two sense on this catastrophe, is no authentication whats to ever. Shauna and dougieplatinum did they are the latest addition. If this is what they are depending on to take them to the next level I truly feel sorry for them. Kim are their biggest supporter and she is steering them wrong. Knowing half the things they claim to be are fabricated. she always endorse their lies on Instagram.








  1. Met ah who inna pic 1 cuz it’s neither sweets nor dolly .. That’s someone else.

    TSHIRT line? Lmfao a cry for help !
    Dolly that Benz is not yours ! Yonique you don’t even have a drivers license
    My gosh man .. #fact
    Chanel star again? Dolly u just did start deal back with poochie .. Suh how? Nvm

    Mawnin met wall nice todeh

    1. Yuh know dem well Passion cause a cyaan tell is who in di pic or is who NOT. But come here Passion…..true true say Dllly doe have a license…. Like really????? But dat is heights of dreaming if yuh nuh habb license an a brag bout car key. Smh. At least dem a try di YBE ting (as per KP)

    2. We still wondering y yuh neva comment when “Star Barbie” topic went up with the photo shopping….IS THAT U??? dwl lol bwaaaaahaaaahaaaa…..BYE FABRICATING BITCH

  2. So glad to see all these dancehall online entrepreneurs: Ida, Dougie, Yankee Michelle,now these….and the list goes on. Hope they all survive.

  3. I wouldn’t mind buying a shirt. I like it and I like the little side hustle. Wasn’t one of the sisters up here last yr getting praised that she finally using her talent wen she got picked up by some store as a stylist. I luv all if the above style and fashion. Only problem I see is the rumor them still live at home. U can’t be buying big car, big name brand and still live at home. Use that money to get out of Ur parents house. Unless man is buying u dem things or u getting store credit on the low or just not using Ur money at all I see no reason y u should be home and spending endless money on merchandise

    1. Dwlll…..nooooo Fashion. Not like dat man. Lol. Mi mean if u know dem in person cause a neva see none a dem yet ina mi life oooooo. But Sweets a mi gyallllll. Lol. Lub har.

  4. Good morning met and meters.
    I always admire these sisters from I lived in Canada. I always thought they dressed well, beautiful and would be amazing friends to have; until I moved to America and became friends with Madison and Yanique, the three of us always enjoy chatting on the phone daily. When I started school I wasn’t able to chat that much. During that time of not talking to Yanique on a daily basic The stuff she spoke about her family and friends including sweets, Apple, Kim, marelene, Delecia, kay, Poochie, Mario, chanel , Stacy and a whole lot more started to marinate. I then thought to myself what kind of sister would speak like That about their own family or friends. The things she spoke of and how detailed they are, are despicable.
    Sweets tend to be shy… And becoming hateful and envious like her sister Yanique. They hate to see a friend or anybody torments them deeply knowing anyone is stepping up a ladder and leaving them behind. Just something for their new friends to think about beware of these two sisters they like to barrow, beg, criticize and they are always changing friends that is a a “RED” light. With all that I have learned about these two. I lost respect for them and now see them as nothing. They are a lot more to say .

  5. Nothing nuh wrong wid them a try duh a thing. … But a nuh nothing new look how much
    People in di Jamaican community a duh T-shirt, buy clothes a china and and sell
    Like dougieplatinum an shawna. Mi problem is why all a dem in a di same
    Circle a duh di same dam thing . This a nothing fi dem two Gyal ya brag bout
    Mi an di ole a farin can guh a wall mart guh buy a pack a white t shirt an print heaven and earth pon it if mi want an sell it. Noting abt it is original.
    Liad sweest claim she a guh a fashion school going on 3 yrs now an all now she Cyah Mek a frak . Mi niece guh a fashion school a manhattan and every day she cum home a Mek something suh that tell mi a lie sweets Naaw guh a no school
    If dem did Mek a shirt wid har own designer student hands then mi Wulda endorce har
    But no this is another china town act and mi Naaw buy it. Kim will foreva hype them
    Up an tell lie fi them she glorify them and praise them especially sweets
    Ca poh Kim nuh hav nuh self esteem she know she zugly suh she a play ketch up .. Di way Dali hate Kim mo time mi shake mi hed..

  6. That picture with the red Battom a nuh sweets
    She get the pic from Ig mi si it ova deh but sweets hav it pon har ph a act like a she
    She mussi wa it fi har self … Dwl Kim can yu buy it gi har dwl mi kno dem nuh hav di money fi buy it but she wi call all har Fren dem an beg beg till she get di 1300 fi buy it
    Sweets max out poh Kim credit kard an yu kno fi she an dalli Kredit dead long time

  7. Dolly is no longer wid poochie she is now with channel
    Because poochie cya nuh hav no credit fi duh har bress fi har an chanel promise
    Fi use har credit and duh it fi har. But unuh bi surprise if she an poochie get back
    Cause they are thieving partners.. Unh two Gyal ca duh betta many shirt line
    Wat a tacky business unuh tek up if a it unuh a wait pon fi move unuh out a unuh
    Mada rental apartment it a guh tek plenty yrs and Dali yu don’t own a car it’s not urs
    Why yu don’t stop lie on yu slef DuPpy dalli.. Yu bruk more than the word bruk not evn a bank account yu don’t own… Try get yu green card like poochie an stop run down label
    Yu an shawna match fi unuh a sister as according to you and yu Neva tell lie
    Di two a unuh paper less in a Uncle Sam unuh luv hype an tell lie
    Sweets di t shirt Naaw guh up grade di ole BMW yu hav hat Gyal nuh drive in a ole kar
    Pesonalist stylist nuh liv a dem mada rental apartment
    Hat Gyal nuh wear them sister clothes and shoes or reapeat frak
    Unuh suh rich an mi Neva si unuh a di bank or a tek nuh vacation yet only time unuh tek vacation an wen unuh guh a city an tek two picha … Sweets an Dali live sad bad ppl doe be fool by dem liad Gyal ya kim guh get sum new teeth an new face

  8. First of all di whol ah dem gyal yah delusional. Dolly and Sweets live wid dem mada mi know seh neither Dolly ar ar man own nuh Benz… Sweets deh wid KP yeh dem ah grine but that’s not news… Dolly an ar x Fren Barbie duh threesome n di man still ah grine di two ah dem all ah dem ah really jack of all trades fi chue cah one minute dem ah work inna furniture store next ah home health aide not that there’s anything wrong with those professions but dem ah gwan like dem ah super star dwfl ever nigga wanna be a star I guess!!!

  9. I have a feeling seh ah buju example Benz car keys dolly a try fool the people dem wid. Oh plzzzz take several seats dolly wid ya big face :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

  10. @fassion passion. Tek time wid di two sistah dem :ngakak :ngakak . Mi notice seh all of dem want fi sell clothes, shoes, phone case, lipstick and di whole nines : :hoax2 :hoax2 :hoax2 :ngakak shawna, doggie, Yankee fake body michelle do whole ah dem a germs if yuh ask mi :ngakak :dp :dp

  11. I mus say i follow sweets and i love her style.. and from someone is workin a legal job im fine with it i dont judge but you cant be a HHA makin 10 dalla ah hr n ah hype pon plp .. yuh fi humble. but no lie met u put up a picture of dem a couple of years ago it was before the bleaching and lward all i can say is what di hell dem using ???? somebody hellp mi tell mi share di secret. all dem knuckle dem brown lmaooooo GIVE ME THE SECRET. MI AH BEG UNNOOOOOO

  12. The frist pic is not Sweets or Dolly, this person is a natural browning. Their ankle bone and knuckles are still dark because these are the hardest areas to bleach. Not hating just staying facts.

    1. Brap brap !ah that wudah mek them rich bleaching cream no joke !hope them reading this ,we giving them ideas!

  13. Mi sey nothing bout dem Gyal ya nuh phase mi
    Mi sey yu si stink mouth kim Dolly and sweets
    Mi Naaw luk pon not even one a dem cause di amount a curse Wey
    Deh pon dem only god know… Sweets walk and tek eri Married man
    Gad Eva create dem f**k har a freak har out fi six month
    Wid a few label shoe Wey she share wid dolly them leff har bruk hugry stress confused
    Only pon Ig dem can hype fi fool ppl who nuh know them
    Sweest please give back poochie har money Wey yu barrow fi pay car insurance. Stop lie about school yu Naaw guh nuh Wey yu top guh a school all wen mi a duh student a duh dem finals
    Exams yu deh pon IG wa kinda school yu a guh mussi in a di ole people dem house
    Yu dolly and Paris very hungry unu don’t even hav a Gud plate in a unuh kitchen
    Fi Nyam out a . Dolly yu f**k all a di batty man dem from Corie to Neil
    To Mickey a canda to kwesi and Kim unuh worship batty man too
    Much one a dem day ya unuh a guh … Guh a nuh bed an nuh wake up
    Unuh a guh ketch a fiya one a dem day ya … Kim yu a old big an yu nuh young yu already in a depth a farin save yu money fi retirement stop help dolly and har sister who f**k poochie pon terns tell lie fi feel better bout them self

  14. i cannot cross it…i need a ship :ngakak :malu :ngakak everybody and dem granny a sell tshirt DWL WOIEEEEEE :cd fashion finson bwoy u can do dem upppp :ngakak :malu :ngakak

  15. For the low self-esteem girls that love follow them up ,would buy them fake hair,fake label ,cosmetic ,fake perfume ,and bleaching cream!them would make money from fools!good luck wid your T-shirt line,I think selling them in another country might work not in the states hunuh have bad reputation! Ah people who no know hunuh will buy it!

  16. ressclattttt ….ME PRETTY NIKKI NO HATE SWEETS OR DOLLY … : :malu cause guess what at the end of the day none of them has nothing to hate on ,shit all they have is labels labels and more labels ..f**k that i could buy any amount of labels i want but nah ME NO COME AMERICA fi DAT BETTERMENT ME SAY UPLIFTMENT ……MONEY IN THE BANK ,HOUSE ,CAR DEGREE PON WALL,YES THAT ME A RUN DUNG MEKK SURE ME FAMILY DEM GOOD AND ME PICKNEY WELL COMFORTABLE INNA LIFE …..DEM LUDDY MORE THAN ME NAH LOOK PON DEM :kr BOUT HATE RUN WEY FROM BOUT YAH : :bola

  17. Bitch guh bruk yu neck unda dem stink ole hater fi wa my girl …. A wa duh yu ? Yu a idiot or fool…. T shirt money cya pay my mortgage or bills suh
    Tek several seat a wait fi lick out dem batty @ do do it

  18. @pretty Nikki yuh mean FAKE F**KING LABEL oh plzzz who really have time fi hate pon dem two likkle. Gal @DONT DO IT?? Must people weh nah know. Fake from real :ngakak :ngakak bitch go and suck sweets and dolly pussy ole parasite

  19. while i do not approve of the bleaching or the wanton and blatant materialism i do appreciate the fact they are trying a legal hustle……..they just need marketing and ebay/amazon……f**k trying to sell shit to dancehall ppl……

  20. Anonymous who mentioned me under cita.. Perhaps you’re confusing me for “FASHION POLICE”. I believe I did comment on star Barbie fraud ass pictures but I didn’t have much to say because I don’t know anything much about her so I’m sorry if I disappointed you hun .. I only speak on what I KNOW for a fact.

    Anyways bwoy met u nay haffi loud up d smaddy suh cuz zen seh dem a talk chute n dem Prably nuh wa ppl put 2 n 2 mi know dem ways deh .. But ah truth dem a talk espeshally bout the insurance money but mi a keep my 2 cents in this one bigger than mi

    1. whey u mean? If someone a go talk di tings dem can switch outa dem name yes but 5 names fi wha? The typing is still the same so all that nuh necessary

  21. Bwoy chanel full a gal and man eeh she need to pick one. She a stick har tongue under the dolly dem now eewwwhhhh nasty gal chanel


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