Met.this so called Rose who claimed she was run down by her baby’s father first if all that tuff body need more than a car to run har dung she needs a Philly trash truck for her body.second of all she lying on Gregg she on her page talking about him an his friends and his friends whipping ass she is the one wiping ass for 9 an hour she her mother,her son,and her granny live in the same room n d son is on a 50 bed so she a look money.gregg try to help her to better life but she wouldn’t leave the pig pen age live in…..Rose (Edited)



  1. Really!!! Uno already say that on d post from yesterday.. Same ppl ah comment back and fourth and nobody nuh even ah respond to uno. Uno serious bout Dis gal yah

    Good morning met, it’s Friday 🙂

  2. Anonymous bill… haffi mek sure some ah uno get the real picture of this bitch. Uno ready fi pick side and don’t know jack rabbit squat bout philly dance hall mattress. Rose your a sick pathetic sympathy seeking bitch!! Why don’t you tell them you and yuh whoring crack head mumma run dung the man with knife and when uno punk out and couldn’t stab him uno turn pon him girl fren car and start stabbing up the tires and a try mash it up. Uno need a bloodclaat shrink look like u a walk inna yuh mumma Kimberly steps f**kn worthless whoring cracked head.

    1. I can’t really say I understand. But just a little advice frm an outsider looking in. Uno trying too hard to slander the girl name that no one will believe what is being said. Its the same ppl commenting back and fourth frm post to post and no one is even responding defending her so y keep it, u said what u had to now keep it moving then uno send in this. We get the point. Just look a little desperate to slander someone’s name. Just letting but know how it look frm an outsider looking in it just seems like u guys are those kind of ppl to go threw arms length because uno nuh like her so now it seems like by all means u have to spread her business.

  3. This girl must really be important to you sendah. Something about her is eating you up. Sendah I hope your life is in good shape to deh pon di gyal name so…..

  4. But coo pon har to a class Islander bout we a clean shit fi a living,. At leastswe a get up and work and get pay. She shouldn’t even say that out a har mouth when har tongue a clean it fi free. You should thank God we came into your country and willing to work so that you can collect some welfare from our tax dollars that we don’t get to utilize. They always say of all the nations You that was born in this country is the laziest.. You ever notice how quick most ppl are to hire a foreigner that ur ass that was born here. Every mickel make a muckle ,No pride lickel gal. She look like all a di hole dem pon har body stretch out from making these ole man experiment wid har. Cho. Does she knows that these ole men she attracts come to her because no grown Island woman is going to lay down for free let alone let her tongue be his toilet tissue. Rose the next time you try to diss ah Island woman clean upo your closet,body plus life before you go there . you young sewage collector. I never understand how yankee can scorn ppl and class dem bout willing fi lick out a man batty for nothing.

    1. Number one yaad ppl the first to class Americans. And when Americans dish the shit back yall get offended. GTFOH All day everyday is Yankee this and Yankee that and the way yall dog Americans but as soon as somebody dog yall ass you carry feelings? Carry the feelings we don’t give ah shit. Not every yaad girl work hard. Some of them pon welfare and do nothing but party all day and night and some American women work just as hard if nor harder to stay off of welfare and live a decent life. Deal wid the cussing and the dogging when it comes your way because we do when it comes our way. Grow some balls and shutup

      1. I agree with you Noisy. Notice that the fool says that “They Say”. Don’t talk about what they say. Talk what you know. It goes both ways. All that bullshit about being lazy is nonsense.

      2. Kenya Please keep ur comments over there.. on ur Fb or Instagram. You is one Yankee weh swear you are important cause that clown who obivously needs you give you a yawdy pass. dwl. When i look at you i think ewww. He has no taste or class. i bet him neva use to get no pumpum a yawd why him stay round you. You notice no Jamaican gal nah sweat him like dat. because we no sleep after certain girls. gweh. Him is a waste of color and pretty eyes lol.

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