Congratulations British you finally find a fool to mind you. This gyal whe look like shrek so stupid. Get her likke tax return and spend it pon the one British. Buy him new iphone, spend up her money to keep his mother big birthday party to impress his family. Now they lying to people bout them buy mansion in Atlanta. British how many woman you going to go threw in such a short time. This one ain’t no angel either. Few years ago there was a picture of her all over the internet sucking on a water gun. None of you in the Bronx is different from the other. Anybody have the picture of the shrek sucking on the water gun.


19 thoughts on “WATER GUN UPGRADE

  1. Senda move u bloodcl**t an gweh an nuh come style up all a di Bronx ppl dem suh ….it betta di gal suck on a wata gun than u big ole droopy long tongue no red gumless beat out shit up pussc. Abayyyyyy British pick the shrek looking girl ova u biatch.

  2. This girl has an amazing shape. At least she still look cute without 10lbs of makeup, #NaturalBeauty. I love her shoes too. Did you want her to spend her tax money on you sender? Too bad, guh find some pitney fi claim next year.

  3. Its too early for this mixing. And she far from cute. But yes the sender does sound jealous. So life go. May the best woman win

  4. The man is nothing to bawl ova so sender please come with something else please… The woman is free to do what she want with her return if it is to impress her man mother then so be it, leave the woman alone and find some business of you own and try not to style up the woman on the behalf of the man…

    1. Si puta! Wad a bout it? Too damn fas is more like it.

      Sender did a look something fi “borrow” but never get :mahongintip it. Foal putas

      Lying bitch tax money and mansion buying in a one gossip show u as a lying trouble mekka :ngakak

  5. IF SHREIK beat out sender i wonder what sender look like …..look from when british want a new iPhone and u a joke it out …..next time as the man ask jump and bring it …..see there now …this could have been us but u never waNT TO mine mi……lol

  6. Woahhh sender lol white dutty bitch from jersey yuh pussy dun out so british leff yuh yuh life boring like di rest a saggy pussy gyal dem him f**k don’t worry bout di gyal she alright

  7. di sound like she get f**k an duck now she bitter go sit 10seats in di back row an stop being bitter if di man no want u no more him just new want u no more she come up wid di iPhone money faster dan u so now u mad wen di next iPhone come out mek sure u have di money set a side fi but so him can come back to u ok so start save from now

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