1. Str8888888888888888!!!! Dem fe play artists like Admiral Tibet, Ninja Man, Barrington Levy, Beres Hammond, Big Youth, Bob Marley, Carlton & The Shoes, Don Carlos, Cornell Campbell, Dennis Brown, Eek-a-mouse, Everton Blenda, Frankie Paul, The Heptones, Jacob Miller, Leroy Smart, Little John, The Uniques, Papa Toyan, The Paragons, Rankin Dread, Sammy Dread, Sugar Minott, Tony Tuff…just to name a few…dem man deh ah *REAL* 5 star generals…bring back dancehall foundation music!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Tru tru Yeppie, dem yah new breed a artiste yah look like dem nuh undastand di ting, but as nuff seh if dem nevah hab di fans dem, dem wouldn’t a do it, suh a di fans dem must stop lite di fire and mek dem guh larn the real essence of dancehall/reggae music. Dyam ole fart dem a destroy wi culture and wid wi culture ebry thing from deh suh look like it deh guh dung di drain. SMDH

      1. Tinan, men don’t even hold them woman face to face and dance with them anymore *at least not in dancehall*; ah bare gal ben ova an tek fuhck type ah dancing ah gwaan; might as well stay home and listen to good autical music for free instead of wasting my money in the club listening to bare junk pan sound..

    2. wicked selection yeppie, especially, d.brown, heptones, carlton and the shoe, uniques. and not to forget slim smith

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